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October 23, 2001 - October 24, 2001

Controversy continues over Ladhabhai suspension order Wednesday, October 24, 2001

RAJKOT: The Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) maintained a status quo till Monday on the controversy over the suspension of Ladhabhai Borsadiya as Standing Committee chairman of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation. City district president Manohersinh Jadeja has already asked Ladhabhai to resign on corruption charges related to road repair works.

When contacted Jadeja told TNN that PCC president Amarsinh Chaudhary is presently in Delhi and only after his return can any action be initiated against Ladhabhai. Incidentally Ladhabhai is also a PCC delegate, and hence any action by him has to be confirmed by the AICC, he said, adding that Chaudhary would definitely discuss the issue with AICC leaders.

Ladhabhai when contacted said, "I would prefer to sit at home rather than accept the suspension notice. And why should I resign. The general board of the civic body had to pass the suspension order first." Arguing his point further, the Standing Committee chairman said, "If the Congress delegates who have put in their views before Chaudhary had done so at the behest of Jadeja, then it would advisable for the party to throw me out of the party. Why doesn't the party take that extreme step against me?"

Asked if he plans to join the BJP, the Congress leader said it was a question to be answered at a later date. Incidentally Ladhabhai was the lone Congress member in the civic body when the BJP had won 59 of the 60 seats in the mid-90's.

Meanwhile, the Congress co-ordination committee in the civic body, formed to give a clean administration, has been disbanded. PCC leaders have set up a new committee which includes the city Congress president, the mayor, deputy mayor, Standing Committee chairman and leader of the House in the civic body.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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New software Avatar has IT co going nuts Wednesday, October 24, 2001

AHMEDABAD: Imagine your mobile phone automatically alerting you each time the Infosys share falls below a certain mark. Imagine being allowed to buy or sell shares at the click of a button on your mobile phone. Add to this the possibility of being alerted when you receive important mail in any of your e-mail accounts with the option of listening to the message wherever you are.

In an age where business happens at the speed of thought and convergence is here, Ahmedabad-based Net4nuts Limited hopes to create a flutter in the communications and software industry with Avatar, their first major project. The functions mentioned above are only a glimpse of what Avatar can do. According to Net4nuts, there is no product available in the international market which can directly compete with Avatar today.

The company's chief nut (which happens to be his official designation) Chirag Patel says Avatar allows all your various communication and computing devices, including your Palmpilot, your cellphone and your PC to communicate with each other no matter what platform they are based on.

From your instant messenger to SMS, Avatar creates a seamless environment which brings together various online services, cutting across their restrictions. Your mobile phone can talk to your PC, your PC to your Palmpilot and your Palmpilot to your instant messenger or the other way around. "It is a snapshot of your online life," Patel says. "It brings together the best-of-breed services and makes them talk to each other."

This cutting-across-services is in fact their main pitch while talking to service providers like wireless companies, phone companies and portals. Even an ordinary telephone line can be used to find out if your inbox has received a new message. Using the already available interactive voice responder (IVR) engine, you can even tell the inbox to read out the message to you.

"We are telling prospective clients that Avatar is not just another cool tool. They can use it to substantially increase their revenue. After all, the cellphone service provider earns something each time a SMS is generated. Business prospects can be gauged from the fact that mobile phone companies get eight per cent of their revenue from SMS. In India it is less that one per cent." The company has already applied for a patent in the US.

With the telecom sector opening up and big players trying to undo each other, Net4nuts believes they have launched their first major product just in time. It is currently in talks with eight such major service providers in India and two in the US to start using their service. They have two business models in place; one is a standard applications service provider model, where a company can rent Avatar for a fee, and the other buying Avatar off from Net4nuts.

Technically, Avatar is the middleware that sits between two service providers and allows them to integrate services not possible earlier. For instance if Yahoo! installs Avatar, its messenger will have the capacity to receive messages from Hotmail as well. They have also put up their server at one of the most reliable international data centres in the world, Exodus.

"We have the technology to deliver a message from any of your accounts to anywhere an individual wants us to," Patel explains. "You can receive an e-mail alert on your mobile phone and send a SMS message back to your online fax service to fax that message on whatever number you want. Or you are reading a book and come across a word you don't know. You may not have a dictionary or PC on hand but you may have your mobile phone through which you can send a SMS and check out the word."

As far as jargon goes, Patel calls 'convergence' a much-maligned word and hopes to Avatar beyond it.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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Contractors sore with AMC over non-payment Wednesday, October 24, 2001

AHMEDABAD: Around 800 AMC-approved contractors are heading for a show down with the municipal corporation over non-payment of bills to the tune of Rs 50 crore.

A delegation of 200 contractors on Monday met Mayor Himmat Singh Patel and sought his intervention to clear their bills pending for the past one year."We have stopped attending to minor repairs and essential services of the corporation," Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Contractors Association President Madhusudan Pandya said.

Contractors were forced to stop work for the corporation as they have stopped getting credit for material required for the works. The association also complained that the finance department did not make enough budgetary provisions for the capital and revenue expenditures resulting in problem of cash flow, Pandya said.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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Anthrax ward set up at Rajkot hospital Tuesday, October 23, 2001

RAJKOT: An anthrax ward was set up at the civil hospital here on Monday, civil surgeon B D Parmar said adding it would be equipped to handle any exigency. Called ward number 1, it would initially have 16 beds.

According to medicine department dead D J Vatsraj, symptoms of anthrax include phenomia-like fever and boils on the skin.

Special arrangements had been made to bring in suspected cases and after patients were wheeled in, they would be given hot water bath and provided hospital clothes. Doctors would be in attendance round the clock; four doctors and fur nurses have been assigned the job.

Giving details of arrangements, Parmar said the microbiological laboratory and biochemist departments would run round the clock to check anthrax. The two departments would be located at the medical college building.

As a precaution no one from the public would be allowed into and special identity badges would be given to doctors and nurses who are to work in the ward.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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RSS leaders to take up Rajkot's case Tuesday, October 23, 2001

RAJKOT: With Rajkot's wings being clipped by Chief Minister Modi in the ministry-making process, the RSS has come out in the open to safeguard the interests of the city which were taken care of by former chief minister Keshubhai Patel and former finance minister Vajubhai Vala.

A secret meeting was held in the presence of RSS strongman Pravin Maniar to ensure that no further harm comes to Rajkot city. The meeting was held in the backdrop of a move to replace Vijay Rupani, who hails from the city, as programme implementation committee chairman, and replace him with Amit Shah.

When contacted Rupani confirmed that "the meeting did take place after some city BJP workers felt that injustice was done to Rajkot and that the workers were feeling dejected by the developments after Keshubhai was ousted".

The workers fear that with the ouster of Keshubhai and Vajubhai and possibly Rupani, there would be nobody from Rajkot to give due weightage to its problems.

Rupani hastened to add that "I have asked the BJP workers not to feel sad of the developments and carry out the work assigned by the party". He also said instructions had been issued not to air such displeasure in the open as it would harm the party's image.

The RSS has decided to bring to the notice of the CM the political implications of sidelining the city's leaders, a senior RSS leader said on condition of anonymity.

Some leaders wanted to take a busload of BJP workers to Gandhinagar to put pressure on the BJP leadership. However, the idea didn't find favour with a majority of those present at the meeting. They felt some senior leaders should represent the case of Rupani.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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