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September 14, 2001 - September 14, 2001

Reprisal fear for Muslims relatives in US Friday, September 14, 2001

VADODARA/AHMEDABAD: Rajiv Bhojak, a cement trader, is worried about his friend Mohammed Lunat, who drove a taxi in New York. He said Mohammed had given up driving a cab because, as an Asian, he had often been the target of attack by muggers.

Mohammed had taken up an accountant's job in Manhattan and when Rajiv spoke to him, "he sounded quite shattered, he was also worried about his future as Muslims are feeling quite vulnerable in the US".

While friends and relatives of Gujaratis settled in New York are feeling relieved after hearing from them, Muslims with relatives abroad are concerned that there could be a backlash against the community.

Femida Patel, a resident of Binnagar in Vadodara, was worried about her sister after hearing of chances of Muslims being singled out for attack in the US.

"My sister Afsana is in Chicago. I was very much worried about her. Initially we could not get her on the telephone. Later we could and she is fine", Femida said.

"My nephew Raees is studying in the US. He is safe but we are still worried", said Zakira Sheikh, head nurse at SSG hospital.

"We heard a mosque near my sister Parveen's house had been attacked. I spoke to her on phone. They are safe but said there is a curfew like atmosphere. Everybody is tense", said Mubin Saiyyed, a businessman from Khanpur in Ahmedabad.

He wished his sister was closer home. "One could not imagine being insecure in the US but all of a sudden everything has changed. Its almost like a communal riot and you are tensed about your relatives. Only this time it's not some infamous street of Ahmedabad but the fantasy land of America", he said.

Sadar Saiyyad of Dariapur nurses similar fear. His brother Kamal is in Chicago. "I got relief only after talking to Kamal yesterday. Everybody at home wanted Kamal to be here. The fear is still there. Things are no more the same in the US", Saiyyad said.

Iqbal Syed is a worried mother. A resident of Mirzapur, she could eat only after hearing her daughter Shameena's voice. "I was glad to hear her voice. I want to be close to my daughter. She is in Los Angeles where situation is quite OK; yet I am tensed", she said.

News Source : Times News Network [India's best Newspaper]

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List of Persons confirmed safe by their employers Friday, September 14, 2001

List issued by Consulate General of India (New York)
.....updated at 5.00pm, 9/13/01


1. Aduri Vinod K
2. Agarwal alok
3. Ajit Sathyanandhan Lalithambika
4. Alagammai P
5. Baalebail Manoj
6. Balaji Munirathinam
7. Bestrapalli Subramanya S
8. Chandrashekhar Pradeep Galimane
9. Dhanaraj Anantha Saravanan
10. Gunjala Pradeep Reddy
11. Gupta Anshu
12. Indranath Roy
13. JohnBritto Victor S
14. Kamath Sandesh R
15. Kamuni Krishnamurthy
16. Kiran Raghavan Minnasandram
17. Komaragiri Praveen Kumar
18. Koneru Ravindra B
19. Kottapalli Srinivas
20. Lal Mohit B
21. Lnu Madhukara
22. Majety Chandra Gupta R
23. Manohar Chandrasekhara
24. Mathew George
25. Murthy Giridharan
26. Narasimhan Sridhar
27. Narayanan Indira
28. Natarajan Srinivasan Subramani
29. Nemani Srinivasa Rao VJ
30. Oza Sanjay R
31. Panjugala Srikanthreddy T
32. Patil Rajshekhar L
33. Penumatsa Durga NR
34. Pulvender Gopal Rao
35. Puttu Gurunadham
36. Rajesh A V R S
37. Rao Mohan M
38. Ravindra Babu
39. Sadagopan, Rajagopalan
40. Salgame Raghunath P
41. Sanjeev Shrivastava
42. Shivarama Nagaraja Kyasanur
43. Venkatraman Dinesh G
44. Venkitasamy Jeganathan
45. Vijaya Kumar Byradenahalli Pilappa
46. Yadav Bharat Singh


1. Amit Patel
2. Anoop Desai
3. Bhoomeshwar Gone
4. Krishna Koteru
5. Kalpana Shah
6. Neil Lulla
7. Prasana Tumbuleri
8. Sridhar Atreya
9. Sujoy Majra


1. Atul Bhatia
2. Ashish Chakaraborty
3. Ankush Rai
4. Raj Bhatti
5. Sataya Kumara
6. Samir Kaakadath
7. Sreeman Mogulothy
8. Venkatesh Pundir

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List of NRIs/PIOs admitted in the hospitals of New York Friday, September 14, 2001

(Nationality not necessarily be Indian)
List issued by Consulate General of India (New York)
.....updated at 5.00pm, 9/13/01

.....updated at 5.00pm, 9/13/01

1. Ms. Naya Desai St. Vincents Hospital
2. Mr. Manu Dhingra 25.8.1974 -do-
3. Mr. Badruddin Lakhani 25.11.1948 -do-
4. Mr. John Malik 30.6.1944 -do-
5. Mr. William Manas 17.8.1958 -do-
6. Mr. Charles Mathew 7.7.1973 -do-
7. Mr. Myloca Byas 20.1.1971 -do-
8. Mr. Rajiv Nair 27.7.1976 -do-
9. Mr. Mohd. Ismail -do-
10. Ms. Jasmine Singh 8.7.1966 -do-
11. Mr. Mahan Chandu Cabrini Hospital
12. Mr. Fredric Grover Chelsea Hospital
13. Mr. Mahavir Sandra Hospital for Joint Diseases
14. Mr. Sofal Naik -do-
15. Mr. Narayan Patel NYP – Cornell Hospital
16. Ms. Monica Manghani Beth Israel Hospital
17. Mr. Punti Venkateshan NYU Hospital
18. Mr. Qazir Mohd. Cabrini Hospital
19. Mr. Mano Hydesia Roosevlt Hospital
20. Mr. Daniel Suhir BelleVue Hospital
21. Mr. Abbas Mohd. St. Luke Roosevelt
22. Mr. Grogen Thomas St. Mary's New Jersy
23. Mr. Krishnamurthy -do-
24. Mr. Antree Mathew -do-
25. Mr. Fernandes Thomas -do-
26. Mr. Karri Kalpaha -do-
27. Mr. Sajik Panchal -do-
28. Mr. Telikepali Kalpana -do-
29. Mr. Pundi Venketeshan NYU-ER
30. Ms. Acinapura, Christine -do-
31. Ms. Rajkumaree Singh -do-
32. Ms. Jasmatia Rupharaia -do-
33. Mr. Badheeridin Lakhani St. Vincent, NY
34. Ms. Neerja Desai -do-
35. Ms. Silvia Ramsunder -do-
36. Mr. Manu Dhingra -do-
37. Mr. Dipin Chellani Beth Israel, NY
38. Mr. Manish Menghani -do-(Discharged & Safe)
39. Mr. Abbas Mohd St. Luke/Roosevelt
40. Ms. Amita Ablakh Parkway
41. Ms. Katherine Ahmd Roosevelt
42. Mr. Karium Ali NYP-Cornell
43. Mr. Amir Bahaduri Roosevelt
44. Ms. Shana Bodhram Beth-Israel
45. Mr. Khannum Sultana NSUH-Syosset, Long Island
46. Mr. Sunil Malik NYU
47. Mr. Moor Hukum Chelsea
48. Mr. Nandan Papasor St. Vincent
49. Mr. Marian Patel NYP-Cornell
50. Mr. Abdullah Shamsuddin Chelsea
51. Mr. Small Mohammed St. Vincent

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CAG faults entertainment tax collection Friday, September 14, 2001

AHMEDABAD: If you want to be part of the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business then Gujarat is your destination.

The state is fast developing into a haven for cinema houses and video parlours. Especially for those who wish to cut corners and choose not to pay their taxes.

Glaring discrepancies in grant of exemption on entertainment tax and its poor recovery have been highlighted by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in its report on commercial and revenue receipts of the state till March 31, 2000.

Incorrect grant of exemption and poor recovery from tax defaulters across the state has been termed prime reasons behind dipping revenue collections with regard to entertainment tax.

Scrutiny of records at 18 district mamlatdar offices, Ahmedabad, Banaskantha, Bharuch, Sabarkantha and Valsad collectorates and the office of the commissioner of entertainment tax in Gandhinagar showed that between October 1998 and February 2000, entertainment tax exemption was granted "incorrectly" to 49 cinemas on the basis of a government notification that was found to be in contravention of provisions of the Entertainment Act.

The notifications were issued in November 1990, August 1995 and again in April 1997 to support the cinema industry and exempted proprietors of cinema houses from payment of tax on collection of an additional amount (50 paise, Re 1 and Rs 2) as admission fee.

The CAG report points out that though the state government has powers (vested in it by the Entertainment Tax Act, 1977) to exempt certain entertainment or class of entertainment partly or wholly, it could be effected in conformity with provisions of the Act and only after declaration in the gazette.

The auditors of CAG point out that a film, too, was exempted from payment of tax, despite the non-registered status of the production company. This and other exemptions have resulted in incorrect grant of tax immunity worth Rs 211.75 lakh.

The CAG says this was pointed out to the department concerned between January 1999 and March 2000 which accepted the audit observations for October 1998 and February 2000 involving an amount of Rs 4.04 lakh concerning two cases, and recovered Rs 15,000 in one case.

Further details of recovery and reply in the remaining cases have not been received. The state government, too, was intimated in this context by CAG in April 2000 but the impregnable silence continues on recovery of the tax.

During yet another checking of records with collectors of Ahmedabad, Banaskantha, Bhavnagar, Navsari and Surat and six mamlatdar offices (two in Surat and one each at Anand, Jamnagar, Junagadh and Mehsana) the auditors discovered that between January 1998 and December 1999 18 cinema houses and 70 video parlours either had not paid the tax or had paid late during the period between 1996-97 to 1998-99.

The delay ranged between one to 27 months and the recoverable tax worked out to Rs 58.13 lakh.

Once again the cases were pointed out to the department. The latter accepted audit observations worth Rs 27.97 lakh in 45 cases but recovered only Rs 1.09 lakh in nine cases.

A further short recovery of Rs 4.12 lakh from touring cinemas was also reported by CAG at Anand, Junagadh, Patan and Rajkot.

The story stretches on to the cable television business as the CAG found, after perusing records with 30 taxation authorities in 15 districts of Gujarat, that 526 cable operators were found to be tax defaulters or late-tax payers.

While the delay ranged anywhere between one to 62 months the tax recoverable worked out to be 42.04 lakh. The state government has managed to recover only Rs 1.89 lakh in 25 cases, while status of the rest "is still unknown".

This despite the fact that the Act says that tax is leviable for exhibition of programmes with the aid of antenna or cable television. Every proprietor shall pay the tax in advance in quarterly instalments.

In case of delay in payment of tax, simple interest at the rate of 24 per cent per annum is leviable.

Chapter VI of Report number four of 2000 (Revenue Receipts) ends with that characteristic one-liner: "This was reported to Government in April 2000; their reply has not been received (July 2000)."

News Source : Times News Network [India's best Newspaper]

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Range police to send blood to US Friday, September 14, 2001

VADODARA: Vadodara range police have decided to collect 5,000 units of blood and despatch it to the US. The decision was taken here on Wednesday in the wake of an acute shortage of blood in New York.

The range police have also set up a core group to co-ordinate the blood collection exercise. The blood collected will be send to New York through America-India Association, which is headed by Mike Patel.

The association's local representative in Vadodara, Raju Bhatt, will be co-ordinating with the police, district superintendent of police Keshav Kumar said.

State government help is also likely to be sought in this direction.

Meanwhile, the district police observed 2 minutes' silence to mourn the deaths of those who died in the terrorist attack. The 2 minute silence was observed during roll-call at police stations.

News Source : Times News Network [India's best Newspaper]

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