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September 8, 2001 - September 8, 2001

Arun Roye takes over command Saturday, September 8, 2001

AHMEDABAD: Major General Arun Roye, VSM, has taken over the command of Golden Katar Division from Major General B D Dhillon, VSM, on Friday.

In commanding the elite Golden Katar Division, he is now entrusted with major operational responsibility in Gujarat and Rajasthan. He has held sensitive positions in the past, including as defence and military attach‚ in Washington from 1996 to 1999 during the critical period of Pokhran-II and Operation Vijay.

News Source : Times News Network [ Lightning News ]

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Baroda spawns a legion namesake Saturday, September 8, 2001

VADODARA: No bloody wars were fought. No annexations. Yet Baroda has transcended the boundaries of the Gaekwad state to other areas in the country and abroad. A recent research has found a generous sprinkling of the word 'Baroda' all across the world.

When city-based philatelist Prashant Pandya, who is researching the postal history of India, found that a suburb in the town of Craddock in South Africa was named Baroda, he was thrilled. His quest led him to discover "other Barodas" -- in the US, in Bangladesh and in as many as seven states of India.

Pandya now has evidence of 36 cities, villages and post offices in India and abroad named Baroda. He stumbled on a Baroda in Michigan state in the US and in Bangladesh's Khulna district, the town being called Barodal.

It was a historical event when Ranjit Chavan, the then mayor of Vadodara, was invited by the mayor of Baroda city in Michigan state, Peter Wolf, to commemorate its 100th anniversary. The function was attended by other Barodians settled in and around Chicago.

"It was in 1890 that a railway engineer went to the US from Baroda state to help lay tracks. When he found the last railway station along the track still unnamed, he christened it Baroda. A museum in the corporation office there still preserves memorabilia that the young engineer had carried with him," says Ranjit Chavan. Later, Wolf came to Vadodara on Chavan's invitation.

Baroda's there in Lalooland, too, as a small town called Baroda in Muzaffarpur. It's also there as towns and villages in the historic sites of Rajasthan -- Jhalawar, Bundi, Chittorgarh, Kota, Alwar. Baroda has also been found in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.

And, many of the post offices named Baroda are still operative in the country. Pandya had sent postcards and inland letters to post offices named Baroda with their pin codes. They all replied within a span of two months, confirming that they were operative. "Except for the area called Baroda Rayon at Surat, which has been re-christened Fatehnagar, almost all of them retain their old names," he says.

However, not all places are strictly called Baroda. Like in Bundi, Rajasthan, it is Barodia, Baroda Qehli and Barodia Kumaria in Madhya Pradesh, Baroda Bijlon and Baroda Dang in Uttar Pradesh while it is Baroda Bazaar in Midnapore in West Bengal.

Pandya hit upon this unique idea while leafing through a book at the Vadodara Philatelist Library that carried a list of names of old post offices compiled by the late philatelist Ashwin Patel, who had prepared it from the "Old Postal Guide Journal, 1977".

"In the past, the princely state of Baroda had connections with places all around India and even outside the country. Its influence could have led to naming of many towns and villages in other states after Baroda," says Pandya.

"The name may have migrated along with the Gujaratis, who fanned out to different countries, especially Africa and to the US. They also migrated to other states in the country. It is probable that they carried the name along with them. A sociological study may well prove this theory," says Raj Kumar Hans of MS University's department of history.

And the name appears to have been common even in the British period. An old postal journal of January 1903, listing the old post offices of India, has eight post offices named Baroda like Baroda-Alwar, Baroda-Bulundshahar, Baroda-Rohtak, Baroda-Bombay, Baroda Camp-S.Bombay and Baroda City.

News Source : Times News Network [ Lightning News ]

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BHAVNAGAR :: Missing Bhavnagar official's body found Saturday, September 8, 2001

BHAVNAGAR:Following the spotting of a body by the Nadiad railway police on Tuesday night, it is suspected that the 30-year-old Central excise deputy commissioner S K Singh, who was missing for the past three weeks, has reportedly committed suicide.

The police report stated that Singh had jumped under a train going to Ahmedabad in the dark.

Bhavnagar police has rushed to Nadiad as a driving licence bearing Singh's name was found in the deceased's pocket.

News Source : Times News Network [ Lightning News ]

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Gujarat nurses union threatens stir Saturday, September 8, 2001

( PTI )
AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat Nurses Union (GNU) has threatened to intensify its agitation if the state government did not favourably respond to its demands for better wages and allowances for nursing staff by September 16.

GNU president Narendra Modi said here on Friday that about 10,000 nurses in government run hospitals throughout the state have begun a "protest movement" from September 1 to press for demands for pay parity with their central government counterparts and hike in allowances.

He said their main demand concerned removal of anomaly in the basic salary of nursing staff to bring it at the level of that of central government employees, and enhanced allowances under the sectoral heads of nursing, washing and uniform.

The GNU, which on August 21 had intimated the state government of its intention of launching an agitation for its demands, would be chalking out its next course of action on September 16, Modi added.

From September 1 onwards, the nursing staff had begun a symbolic protest and were wearing black badges, the GNU president said.

"So far the state government has not shown any inclination to hold negotiations in this regard with us," Modi said.

"If nothing concrete shows up, then we plan to work without white uniform from September 10 to 16, when the decision to intensify the stir would be taken by the GNU's executive council", Modi added.

News Source : Times News Network [ Lightning News ]

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Meeting on fishermen cancelled Saturday, September 8, 2001

SURAT: The fishing row between Gujarat and Maharashtra has shown so signs of thawing as the scheduled meeting in Mumbai on Thursday between the authorities of the two states was cancelled as Maharashtra officials expressed their inability to hold such a meeting.

Left with no option, several fishermen associations have decided to call for a meeting soon to take a decision with regard to future course of actions.

The fishermen's representatives said they would take up the matter with the Supreme Court shortly, as for thousands of fishermen families in the coastal areas of South Gujarat the present crisis would be a question of survival.

Meanwhile, around 250 fishing boats, which sailed into sea a week ago, would be coming back to the new fishing jetty with their catch in a couple of days but the question remains whether they would face the wrath of the fishermen from Maharashtra.

News Source : Times News Network [ Lightning News ]

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