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August 28, 2001 - August 29, 2001

MMCB to restart functioning from Wednesday: Vora Wednesday, August 29, 2001

By Our Correspondent, The AsianAge
Gandhinagar: The minister of state for cooperation, Ramanlal Vora, announced in the state Legislative Assembly on Monday that Madhavpura Mercantile Cooperative Bank will start functioning normally from August 29. The Central government’s agriculture and co-operation department will issue the notification on August 29.

Mr Vora was speaking during budget discussion on demands of cooperative department. As many as 3 lakh depositors are expected to get back their deposits. Around 35 urban co-operative banks that had deposited in the MMCB will benefit by the scheme.

According to the recommendations of the revival committee, the bank required Rs 1,264 crores to resume its operation and it would start profiting within a span of ten years.

MMCB will receive Rs 464 crores from the Deposit Insurance and Guarantee Corporation and Rs 800 crores at a low rate of interest from the state co-operative banks against the credit guarantee from the Centre and state government.

The minister said that earlier ten cooperative banks have gone in for liquidation but no efforts were made by the state government to revive any of them. This is for the first time that the state government has made the effort to revive the bank.

The BJP members welcomed the announcement by thumping of desks. The Congress, which had earlier announced that it will oppose the notification, as it would breach the model code of conduct for by-elections also refrained from opposing it in the House.

Discussing the other cooperative movements in the state, Mr Vora said a strong infrastructure of Agriculture Produce Market Committee has been designed so that the farmers get remunerative prices for their agriculture products. The government has also decided to change the rules for APMC, he added.

He further said the state is leading in the milk production and cooperative movements based on it. The state has 17 sugar cooperatives in the state, which are operative at present and six others will be started soon, he added.

News Source : The AsianAge [ The coolest newspaper for city ]

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Pain on paper: Bloomers in GPSC questions Wednesday, August 29, 2001

By Binita Parikh, The AsianAge
Ahmedabad: Many errors have crept into the question papers of the preliminary examination, conducted on Sunday by the Gujarat Public Service Commission, causing a lot of dissatisfaction among the candidates.

Accepting this lacune, the secretary of GPSC, G.D. Vyas told The Asian Age, “This is our first experience in conducting the examination in this format. Problems have crept in because we do not have a moderation system. We do not have a question bank like the other PCS. We had relied completely on the examiners. It was a first time experience for both of us.”

The preliminary examination is an objective type exam where the candidates have to choose and tick the correct answers from the given four options.

Many optional papers along with the compulsory General Studies paper have no correct answers or two correct answers or two options exactly similar to each other. Citing examples, the candidates appearing in the examinations said that the general studies paper has a question asking about the projects on river Tapi and the options include both Ukai and Kakrapar.

Another question asking the candidate to pick up the Union Territory had two options, Pondicherry and Daman and Diu. Many students, preparing for the past three years at the Sardar Patel Sewa Samaj said, “We are shocked that GPCS should adopt such a callous attitude. It will affect our career.”

This exam is competitive and the first few in the list will get a chance to appear in the main exam. Even one question might put the candidate’s rank in a toss, they pointed out. The paper had about 25 questions from Gujarati literature, which was not a part of the syllabus while important areas of the syllabus like Freedom Struggle and Constitution were ignored.

Optional papers like Mathematics, Engineering, Geography and History too had mistakes. For example, the History paper had question on which civilisation did ling puja and the options included both names of Harappan culture and Indus Valley civilisation as separate options whereas both are used synonymously.

Another question regarding Shivaji’s guru has Dada Kondeji and Ramdas as options, where as Shivaji considered the former as his political guru and latter as his spiritual guru.

Mr Vyas said, “We have received some representations in this regard. Some complaints have also been received regarding the engineering paper. We will have to take a look at the problem and then decide. We can give double weightage to the answers.”

When The Asian Age asked him about the problems regarding the balancing effect of different type of papers set in optionals, he said, “UPSC has a system of scaling. However, we have not yet decided on this. If we get representations, then we will set a committee to look into this.”

The examination is conducted for recommending candidates for class-I and class-II offices which includes important posts in the state administration like the post of deputy superintendent of police, mamlatdars, sales tax offices and section officers.

The examination was held after a gap of eight years and the expectation of the candidates is high. Mr Vyas said, “We understand this and are trying our be to institutionalize the exam. This has never been done before and this is the first time that GPSC has conducted the exam on the Union Public Service Commission’s pattern. In fact, this examination should be held every year and the change is effected so that the GPSC can conduct examinations every year like the UPSC. We will set up committees and make necessary changes as and when needed.”

News Source : The AsianAge [ The coolest newspaper for city ]

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Rumours fail to incite violence, city peaceful Tuesday, August 28, 2001

By Our Correspondent, The AsianAge
Ahmedabad: With signs of life returning to normalcy, the curfew at Dariapur was lifted at 3 pm on Monday after being imposed for two days at a stretch. On Sunday evening, curfew was relaxed for two hours for women and children. As soon as the curfew was lifted, men, young and old came out of their houses to get some fresh air and catch up on neighbourhood gossip.

But with frayed nerves all around, as soon as there was a slight collusion between a scooterist and some people, the situation got tense and men from both communities poured onto the streets.

Rumours began floating in thick and fast with stories of stabbing, arson and stone throwing. However, all these proved false later on, but for about an hour the situation was tense with senior police officers patrolling the street along with other policemen in a show of strength.
The Rapid Action Force and the SRPF were also there in numbers. The situation returned to normal after an hour.

Though there was no incident of violence in the city on Monday, however, incidents of looting and damaging of shops at Bhoot Ni Ambli, Astodia, were reported. The incident occurred at 1 am on Monday when some miscreants broke wooden cabins manufacturing rickshaw hoods and damaging property worth Rs 10,000.

Earlier, just after the curfew was lifted there was some minor stone n Turn to Page 11
throwing at Jordan Road, Dariapur.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident during a Kabbadi match at Bapunagar, two boys from different schools had an alteration and a boy belonging to the minority community stabbed another boy. Though this incident had no connection to the recent riots but rumours of the stabbing spread like wild fire in the city.

News Source : The AsianAge [ The coolest newspaper for city ]

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Hypnotherapy could be on the right course Tuesday, August 28, 2001

By Nandini Oza, The AsianAge
Vadodara, Aug 28: The use of hypnotherapy in the field of medicine is widespread in developed countries. In India, though, it is hardly practiced on a scientific basis.

But the country’s first ever Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Applied Hypnosis beginning at the Department of Psychology, M. S. University of Baroda, could well prove to be a right step encouraging the use of hypnotherapy in the medical field.

Head of the psychology department Dr Bimla Parimoo told The Asian Age on Monday that in India the method is not being predominantly used in a scientific manner to treat patients.

Dwelling upon the benefits of hypnotherapy in the medical field, she said that the problems can be cured in less time as compared to the usual required time.

Dr Parimoo said, “In today’s age, hypnotherapy in medical field is highly relevant. It is better to reduce the intake of chemicals for the patients.” The HOD added that at times there is also no need to give anaesthesia.

Leading practicing psychologists and trained hypnotherapists from all over the country will take classes for this one-year self-financed course. The visiting faculties include Dr B M Palan, Dr Bhaskar Vyas, Dr Hrishikesh Jana, Dr Chandarana, Dr Anand Khurana and Dr Parimoo herself.At the end of the academic year, the students will have to give four papers, and one practical.

While the theory papers are on theoretical foundation of hypnotherapy, psycho-physiological concept of application of hypnosis and application of hypnosis in medicine and dentistry, the practical will deal on how to induct, maintain and dehypnotise patients treated through hypnosis.

The formal inauguration will be held on Tuesday. It is to be followed by a lecture by Dr. Jana considered to be the father of experimental hypnotherapy in the country.

With a go-ahead signal from the Board of Studies and Syndicate of the University, the department is to keep a capacity of 20 students per batch.

According to Dr. Parimoo 18 students have been already admitted. A graduation in psychology, dentistry, medicine and physiotherapy will be required to get admission in the course. The HOD said that for the next year the Department might take students from homeopathy. The course fee is Rs. 4,000 per term.

News Source : The AsianAge [ The coolest newspaper for city ]

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City calm, chaos in state Assembly Tuesday, August 28, 2001

By a Correspondent, The AsianAge
Gandhinagar: The Congress staged a walkout from the Legislative Assembly on Monday over the issue of communal riots in Ahmedabad, alleging that Bajrang Dal members were behind the riots. Shouting slogans that the Keshubhai Patel government had failed to protect minorities, the Congress and Independent members also demanded the ouster of the BJP government.

Bedlam prevailed in House during the discussion on communal riots as the members of both the parties traded defamatory allegations despite requests from the deputy speaker Upendra Trivedi and minister of state for home Haren Pandya to stay away from using defamatory language and taking names of any community.

Mr Pandya warned that such allegations in the Assembly can affect peace in Ahmedabad. Trouble started during the Zero Hour when Congress MLA from Kalupur, Mr Farooq Sheikh, said that Bajrang Dal was responsible for the riots. The BJP members were on their toes and protested at the allegation. The Congress members opposed them.

Independent MLA from Jamalpur, Usmangani Devidiwala also traded allegations against the BJP government and demanded that the government should give compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the family of riot victims.

Former health minister Ashok Bhatt alleged that this riots were on the same pattern of earlier ones. He said that he has information that members of the Latif gang and Islamic fundamentalists were behind the riots.

Mr Goradhan Jhadafiya alleged that Students Islamic Movement of India was responsible for riots and demanded that action should be taken against them.

Talking about the incident, Mr Haren Pandya in his reply to the House said that anti-social elements were involved in the incident in which not only Muslims, but also Hindu vendors were also beaten up on August 21. The police is inquiring the matter and those found guilty would be punished, he added.

He said that the government is monitoring the situation since the past three days. They have deployed 18 companies of SRP, Rapid Action Force and Police in the troubled areas of the city, 45 people have been arrested in this connection and 24 rounds of firing were done to bring the situation under control.

Two people have died in the riots and 15 injured, including seven policemen, he further said. He also announced relief of Rs 50,000 to the family of victims, who died in the riots from the chief minister’s relief fund. However, the Congress members were not satisfied by it.

Chief minister Keshubhai Patel trying to pacify the aggrieved members said that relief money would be increased after the inquiry of the case. However, Muslim members of the House came to the well and started shouting slogans. Later, they along with the Congress MLAs staged a walkout.

Earlier, Mr Sheikh rushed to the well in protest against the partisan attitude of the police towards the minority community. Mr Sheikh said the Bajrang Dal activists were allowed to go scot-free, while Dariapur reeled under the impact of curfew. Mr Devdiwala also demanded an immediate discussion and rushed to the well.

Deputy Speaker, Upendra Trivedi, who was in the chair at the time said present rules did not allow for a discussion unless the minister concerned conceded to the request and that too only during the zero-hour.

News Source : The AsianAge [ The coolest newspaper for city ]

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