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August 10, 2001 - August 10, 2001

Pandya briefs House on Odhav clash case Friday, August 10, 2001

GANDHINAGAR: Minister of State for Home Haren Pandya on Wednesday informed the Assembly that the police have arrested six persons in connection with a clash between private security guards and the owner of Sanskar Bharati Vidyalay at Odhav in Ahmedabad.

The police have registered a case of abduction against the private security agency which was appointed by the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority to stop illegal construction of three illegal shops in the government land encroached by the owner.

While making a statement in response to a calling attention motion tabled by Congress member Jasubhai Barad, the minister said that the encroachment and illegal shops were being constructed by Neetaben Goswami, a sitting Congress corporator of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, while a former Congress minister Madhubhai Thakore was one of the trustees in the school trust.

This statement infuriated the Congress members who alleged that the government has no right to blame the Congress, as the BJP had started regularising illegal constructions by collecting impact fees.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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JAMNAGAR:::: Gambling dens raided Friday, August 10, 2001

JUNAGADH: The police arrested 19 people for gambling at Maliya Hatina and Junagadh earlier this week.

At Vanzavad in Junagadh Avadh Apartments the police seized Rs. 10,210 and arrested Bawajee Batuk Pari , Tapu Pari, Koli Bachu, Bachu Jeeva, Dabhi Narsi Damodar, Solanki Manjee Bhoora, Shailesh Babu, Dhanjee Nathu and Gokal Bachu.

At Malia Hatina from Jesha Tapu's residence, the police seized Rs. 6,332 and arrested Jesha Tapu, Amu Bachu, Mohan Premjee, Pravin Laxmidas, Valjee Gokul, Jayanti Karsan and others.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Vadodara diary Friday, August 10, 2001

VADODARA: Remember when you last saw a good theatre production? Or a musical soiree? Probably one would scratch his head for an answer. A move to form a film society is still in the conceptual stage. Events like debating or public speaking are now a vanishing genre.

The old order changeth? Seems so. It was a wild Sunday evening when the skies opened up and rains lashed the city continuously. Yet, there were hordes of youngsters _ wet in the rain, guiding their two-wheelers through virtually waist-deep water _ rushing out of the city limits to be a part of a "big event", the opening of a discotheque.

The last time the people had a chance to let their hair down at a discotheque was about two years ago. The place closed down and many felt the city went a notch down when compared to other cities. So, the opening of a new one at Sindhrot brought about much cheer. Similar was the scene when a go-karting centre came up at the same place.

And, as the young, bold and beautiful rushed to swing at the disco, old timers sat back on a rainy Sunday evening, their minds hovering to the days of yore. And, it wasn't cliched to ask, "Where is Vadodara, the Sanskar Nagari, headed to?"

It's election fever on campus
While the state gears up for the Assembly elections, Vadodara has another to deal with. And, though restricted to the MS University campus, it is generating as much heat and hullabaloo as any other poll. Come December and voting will begin for constituting the new Senate. And, with as many as 42 of the 99 Senate seats to be contested, hectic behind-the-scene activities are on to "put own candidates in the Senate."

Heightened activity is seen in electing the 13 registered graduates - people who have completed their graduation five years ago or their post-graduation three years ago from the university. A major hunt is on to locate such candidates who can contest for these 13 seats.

And, its hectic time for political leaders as both the BJP and Congress look forward to putting "their men" in these posts. They are now scanning alumni and voters' lists for names, using all their resources and contacts to choose candidates.

The election for representatives of professors and teachers is also slated to be a heated one, with both these groups sharing 21 seats. The MSU Students' Union elections, to be held by September 15, will also be keenly watched as both the union vice-president and general secretary being automatic members of the Senate. Any party managing to clinch these two seats may well find the balance tilting towards them in the Senate.

Then there are elections for the seats held by a secondary school principal, a secondary school teacher, two donors' representatives and one from the Bar Association. All this activity, added to the drama building over the forthcoming students' union elections, has been creating quite a flutter in the university.

The day of the khadi-clad
The Circuit House was virtually swamped by khadi-clad men on Sunday as state Congress leaders came for a "durbar" with AICC general secretary in-charge of Gujarat Kamal Nath. While GPCC chief Amarsinh Chaudhary and Bharuch MP Ahmed Patel remained closeted with him, wannabe MLAs hovered outside.

Past and present MLAs, corporators, Seva Dal members and student leaders formed a motley crowd. The man from New Delhi was here to kick off a political training camp. But, all knew it was their chance to put up their case. Their chance to be "seen."

And, many had come prepared. There were groups of Congress members huddled together in corners, cluttering the alleys of the Circuit House. They were there to "support and lend a voice" for their leader. For, it's a show of strength that matters. And, Congressmen did put up a good show.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Husband deserts blinded wife Friday, August 10, 2001

AHMEDABAD: Lakhiben Thakore has lost more than her eye in the recent blinding accident at the Sadvichar Parivar Eye Hospital, Naroda. This 35-year-old woman has been deserted by her husband, who apparently does not want to burden himself with a blind woman.

Lakhiben had re-married just three months ago after losing her first husband.

It has been almost a fortnight since 22 people lost their sight, and another 11 people suffered acute eye-infection, after undergoing cataract operations at Sadvichar Parivar Hospital between July 7 and July 14.

After the initial attention and institution of a state inquiry, little has changed for these patients. If at all anything has changed, it's been for the worse.

Not once has Lakhiben's husband come to visit his ailing wife. "My marriage has ended even before it could take off. My husband says why should he waste his time on a blind woman," rues Lakhiben.

Lakhiben's only source of support was her mother. Now, she, too, has been confined to bed ever since she heard news of her daughter's blinding.

Patients complain that despite such a tragedy, medical care at the hospital continues to remain pathetic. For instance, when Shantaben Satsangi, 60, started vomiting and complained of dizziness hours after getting pus removed from her infected eye on Monday afternoon, there was no doctor at the hospital. "There was no one here ... we had to shift her to a private hospital", said husband Dinesh Satsangi.

Another victim, Kamlaben Rathod, was also taken to a private hospital when her upper arm started aching badly after taking a pain-killer injection at the hospital. Her problem was diagnosed as skin necrosis. "After the eye, her arm has also developed a problem. I do not know what is in store next," rues Kamalben.

Meanwhile, a great deal of confusion prevails amongst the patients about the actual cause of infection and what exactly is going to be their medical fate. "One day they tell us the eye will have to be removed, the next day they say it is all right and again a day later they declare removal is must! Who are we -- animals? Why can't they own up the responsibility and decide for once and for all?" fumes Sitaben.

Contradictory to health minister Suresh Mehta's contention in the Assembly that only two patients have lost their eyes, relatives of patients informed that eyes of six-patients had already been removed and two more patients were lined up on Tuesday. There would have been more if not for the drafting of the letter of consent by the hospital which the relatives are finding objectionable.

"The hospital management wants us to sign a letter saying that the eye has got infected because of infected medicine and we consent to its removal. How can we sign such a letter and vindicate them just like that?" questions Jagdish Goswami, relative of victim Laxmi Goswami who is slated for an eye-removal anytime.

Goswami and other relatives are wanting to re-draft the letter saying that we agree to eye-removal as hospital says that the eye has got infected because of infected medicine, and it should be removed.

Interestingly, while the hospital has refused owning up for the accident, and has conveniently put the entire blame on Wokhardt-manufactured Ringer-Lactate (RL) Eye Irrigating Solution -- that was allegedly found contaminated by private lab-investigation got done by the hospital -- sterility tests done by the Food and Drug commissionerate have not shown any infection in the said solution. "The RL solution was found to be sterile. On the other hand, the IV sets used have failed the sterility test. We had already sealed manufacturing premises of Max Medi Care and will initiate stringent action against the company," said food and drug commissioner AD Adeshra.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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CM to hoist flag at police stadium on I - Day Friday, August 10, 2001

GANDHINAGAR: Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel will hoist the national flag at police stadium in Shahibaugh on the Independence Day while industries minister Suresh Mehta will take salute at a parade in Bhuj collectorate.

According to a release, finance minister Vajubhai Vala will hoist the tri-colour at Rajkot on August 15.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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