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August 10, 2001 - August 10, 2001

AMC sends Rs 200-cr drainage proposal to Centre Friday, August 10, 2001

Times News Network
AHMEDABAD: The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has submitted a proposal worth Rs 200 crore to the Central government to augment stormwater drainage and sewerage connection of the city.

Municipal commissioner K Kailashnathan said once this proposal is passed by the Centre, Sabarmati would cease to be the dumping yard of domestic waste or any kind of untreated water.

"Two parallel pipelines acting as interceptors running parallel to stormwater drains will ensure that polluted water does not reach Sabarmati. This will be a big step in cleansing the river in accordance with the National River Conservation Project," informed Kailashnathan.

Unlike the cent per cent Centre-funded 94-crore project for setting up of sewage treatment plants at Pirana and Vasna this project will have the corporation bear 30 per cent of the cost while the rest will be contributed by the central government.

"The Rs 200-crore proposal is under scrutiny as are many other projects from across the country. This 70-30 partnership is to ensure state governments' participation in such basic infrastructural projects," informed R.P. Sharma, advisor and joint secretary of Union ministry of environment and forest.

Sharma added, "In the yet to be announced 10th Five Year plan the Central government proposes to do away with the 100 per cent financing and change to the 70-30 per cent mode. In fact, we had proposed an equal state-centre partnership but state governments from across the country made their displeasure plain on the topic, so this formula."

The Rs 200-crore project also includes setting up of sewage pumping stations at areas like Saijpur-Bogha, Vatva. Kailashnathan said: "No less than 25 per cent of the city is yet to get sewerage connections and this project looks to solve the problem."

What is however not included in the multi-crore drainage and sewerage project is AMC's plan to inter-connect all of 45 lakes in the city. Lake Conservation project is the next on pipeline as AMC plans to connect storm water lines to these oft-dry lakes and fit the water bodies with percolating wells apart from beautification of the neighbourhood.

"Rainwater harvesting and discharging into the lakes which will be inter-connected should keep all the 45 water bodies full and recharge ground water tables at the same time. We propose to inter-connect the lakes so that as one gets filled with rainwater, the next in line is ready to be topped."

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Saurashtra gears up for Janmastami festival Friday, August 10, 2001

RAJKOT: The city and several parts of Saurashtra are gearing up for the annual Janmastami festival with fairs being arranged at many towns. In Rajkot alone, fairs are being organised at three venues, where over a lakh people are expected to take part in the five-day fairs beginning on Friday.

While Janmastami will be celebrated on Sunday, the festive mood has already begun with the installation of amusement equipment and erection of stalls at three venues.

In many parts of the city, welcome arches have been put up by local residents to welcome the rathyatra to be taken out on the Janmastami day. Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal have planted saffron flags on all autorickhaws of the city to enhance the festive mood.

A social organisation has decided to distribute sweets and farsan at subsidy to the weaker sections of the society to enable them to celebrate Janmastami. The special attraction at the festival here would be Adivasi dance troupe from Dangs which will take part in the festival.

The major fair at Shastri Maidan is being organised by the collectorate here since 1988 and its profits are used for welfare activities. At this year's fair electronics and other toys are expected to be sold.

The city municipal corporation in July alone collected Rs 2.20 lakh as octroi on toys brought here for sale from other cities.

Meanwhile, police commissioner M. L. Jani has put restrictions on the movement of traffic and allotted several open plots for parking vehicles from Friday to Tuesday in view of the fairs.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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HP announces scholarships to students Friday, August 10, 2001

RAJKOT: Hindustan Petroleum has designed a scheme to offer financial aid to students from the economically and socially handicapped SC\ST\OBC categories at the rate of Rs 2,400 per month.

According to a press release, students who have passed HSC or equivalent with minimum 45 per cent marks and have got admission in courses like engineering, medicine or postgraduate programme in management, engineering, information technology besides CA\ICWA\MCA could be considered on merits. The total family income of the student should not be over Rs 36,000 per annum.

Applications can be had from the deputy finance manager, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Mangal Kiran, First Floor Ramdham Plot, Kalwad Main Road, Rajkot. The last date for submission of forms is August 31.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Proposed jail caught in political quagmire Friday, August 10, 2001

SURAT: Even before the things could take off, the proposed 'model central jail' here appears to have landed into controversy. There is a protest brewing over the upcoming project among the locals residing near the proposed site at Ichhapore.

Scheduled for completion by year-end, the proposed site is yet to be earmarked despite repeated assurances by the ministry in the last several months. Moreover, contradictory statements as made out to the representatives of Ichhapore Khedut Samaj (IKS) by authorities of GIDC which owns the land on which the jail is planned and by local representatives of people have further compounded the issue.

According to IKS convenor Janakkumar Patel, when the representatives met the GIDC authorities on Monday at Gandhinagar, they were told that the project was already finalised while sources in the ministry said that several things were still unfinished. And, any decision to change the site was not possible at this stage as stated out by GIDC authorities, according to Patel.

However, minister for jail and rural housing Jaspal Singh told 'The Times of India' over phone from Gandhinagar that it might take six months or longer to get things aligned for such kind of project.

Reacting to a report in a section of the press, Singh said that on Tuesday he made just a passing remark in the state Assembly about the financial aspects of the proposed jail in Surat and certainly not the things as reported.

When asked, he said apprehension about possibilities of the whole area becoming unsafe from law and order point of view would be a wrong assumption as by any stretch of imagination it could not be established that by having a jail would lead to deterioration of the law and order situation in the nearby areas.

Rather on the other hand, it would be the safest area with proper security provisions for the kind of model jail being proposed there, Singh opined. He informed that the jail would have 20 feet wall, surrounded by security posts at regular distances.

Not only this, the area would provide means of livelihood to locals by having shops and other trading activities once the jail becomes operational, he said.

The minister informed that several aspects would have to be looked into. Finance for the project was being worked out as even by selling the existing district jail in the city would not fetch the amount of money required for the proposed model jail, Singh stated.

But, for other things, there needs to be an independent view taking into all aspects, he said. During monsoon, the area becomes waterlogged, for which moats could be developed round the jail for passage of rainwater, he informed. But, an independent inquiry into all these was required before floating of tenders for construction of the prison, for which he would visit the city shortly to get several things clarified, he informed.

Meanwhile, around six lakh of locals residing in 42 villages in and around Ichhapore have decided to approach various political parties to stall the project from being developed there. According to IKS convenor Patel, if the government was adamant to go ahead with the project, they would have no option than to resort to seek support from the other political parties.

But, the villagers would like the ruling government to look into the affair, for which a team of 18 representatives from different villages went to Gandhinagar to meet the Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel on Monday. But the chief minister could not meet them due to some reasons, according to Patel. IKS representatives claimed to have support from the representatives of industries like KRIBHCO and ONGC located in the vicinity. Sources in these industries confirmed that the industries located here would not like to have a jail in the midst of them.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Forensic lab to procure tech against cyber crime Friday, August 10, 2001

VADODARA: Collecting evidence in case ofcyber crime will now be possible with state home department's Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) taking a decision to procure a special set of software and hardware tools.

FSL has decided to invite tenders from companies developing software and hardware tools that can not only collect evidence but also analyse and evaluate a cyber crime.

A few companies based in US, UK and Germany who are supplying such cyber crime evidence collecting and evaluating computer tools to police organisations world over had intimated FSL recently and informed it on the various products on offer.

"Forensic Computer, as the hardware set used in cyber crime cases is normally referred to, would soon be with us," FSL director J M Vyas told TNN. He was in city recently to attend a state police and ICICI seminar on economic frauds.

Vyas said FSL had asked a few companies to send it information on hardware and software packages that can provide IT edge to forensic science in state. "A few companies have send us details on their products. We are analysing this and would soon decide on procuring a forensic computer and related software," Vyas said.

He said that in future if there is any case of internet crime, FSL would simply install the 'special software' in the computer that has been hacked/manipulated. The software will be programmed in such a way that evidence or traces of the internet crime will be collected and evaluated instantly.

The hardware tool that will aid FSL is known as computer forensic data acquisition hardware tool. This tool is supposed to significantly increase the effectiveness of computer evidence investigations. The tool is a hard drive duplication device that allows investigators to quickly and securely acquire a hard drive in a Windows Environment. The said tool employs an innovative technology that allows for a non-invasive Windows acquisition and subsequent verification. This tool when attached to a computer and a source hard drive provides the investigator with the ability to preview or acquire digital data.

The accompanying software tool, branded EnCase by US-based Guidance Software, can perform highly complex operations when installed in a system. This software can operate on verified drive images, search multiple drive images in a single pass, view media at a physical or a logical level, view deleted files and other unallocated data on a system, decode, unzip and search zip files automatically, recover internal files and meta-data contained in structured storage files, such as word and outlook files.

Vyas said once procured the forensic computer tools would be put in the electronics/physics department of FSL. The FSL has also planned to train its people in the said department in dealing with cases pertaining to internet crime. "The training will be provided by the company that supplies us the forensic computer tools. Simultaneously we will also dispense training to our staff who would be dealing investigations of cyber crime," Vyas said.

Senior police officers have appreciated the idea of having special computer tools to help investigations in cyber crime. Said Vadodara police commissioner J Mahapatra: "FSL's help in detecting cyber offences will come in handy. Crime on Internet is on the rise. It has arrived in Mumbai. Gujarat is not far away. It is intelligent thinking to be prepared to deal with crime committed on the internet."

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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