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July 22, 2001 - July 23, 2001

Fracture treatment camp for women Monday, July 23, 2001

VADODARA: The Medical Care Centre Trust of the KGP Children's Hospital has organised a hip and spine fracture camp for women over 45 on August 24 from 9 am to 5 pm at the S G Patel women's hospital.

Over a hundred women would be assessed through bone mineral density scanning which can predict the probability of such fracture. Any women above 45 can register for the test, which would be conducted free.

Those wishing to participate may contact the hospital between 9 am to 12 noon.

New NSS logo: Members of the National Service Scheme (NSS) in collaboration with the MSU faculty of social work, SOCLEAN and the Bank of Baroda arranged a special tree plantation drive at the newly developed 'Sampark'(memory garden)here on Saturday as a part of the Environment Conservation project of the NSS. The Sampark was inaugurated by Shubhangini Raje Gaekwad, Dr V V Modi, O P Jajhu and Prof. Anil Navale. The Vadodara social forestry division also supported the programme.

New audio centre at hospital: A special Audio Clinic managed by eminent ENT specialist, speech therapists and audiologist with state of the art Audio clinic would be started at the KG Patel Children hospital. The Jalaram blood bank at the hospital has also slashed the rates of whole and component blood components. The blood bank is also conducting an awareness programme to popularise the use of component blood.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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ASE brokers' peace march today Monday, July 23, 2001

AHMEDABAD: The ASE Brokers Association (ABA) will take out a peace march on Monday, where around 1,500 brokers, investors and jobbers are expected to participate.

The ABA members would also keep away from trading on all the exchanges on Monday in response to the strike call given by the Federation of Indian Securities Industry (FISI), which has been formed to safeguard the interest of the brokers.
The members of the Gujarat NSE Members Association (GNMA) have also decided to support the strike. The strike would be observed by all exchanges in the country, except for the 7 exchanges which had not joined the Federation as their volume and turnover were insignificant.

Meanwhile, as the ABA agitation seems to be yielding no result and the SEBI chairman D R Mehta making a public statement that the fate of the regional stock exchange was not his concern, the association on Saturday called a press conference to put forth its views on the impact of the rolling settlement on exchanges in the absence of any deferment products.

The association chairman Apurva Shah said that under the new trading system, there was concentration on major scrips and the overall liquidity had gone down. This, he said was a disturbing trend for the investors, in general.

To reverse such trend, the association had decided to carry on their agitation and demand for reinstating of Badla trading, which they say was not the reason for the stock market scams.

Furnishing data on the declining volume on the BSE since the ban of short selling and announcement of the rolling settlement on the exchanges, the association said that the trading on Reliance scrips had dropped to 33 per cent from 18.19 lakh shares to 6.17 lakh with the ban of short sell. It dropped further to 75,102 (only 4.13 per cent) after the rolling settlement was introduced from July 2, this year.

The various demands that the association has put to the government include re-introduction of margin trading and security lending through exchanges, relaxation of the eligibility norms for exchanges to begin derivative trading, re-introduction of weekly settlement and Badla system with necessary safeguards.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Plaints against shopkeepers on bills Monday, July 23, 2001

VADODARA: There are many instances where shopkeepers in Vadodara refuse to issue bills to customers saying the value of the amount purchased is too meagre to warrant a bill.

However, according to the Consumer Protection Act all shopkeepers have to provide bills for purchases.

Following a complaint filed by a consumer rights activist, the Wadi police took action against two shopkeepers on M G Road in Raopura for refusing to issue bills of purchase to Rekha Desai an advocate of the Vadodara District Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum.

Desai said despite her repeated requests for a bill both shopkeepers refused to provide one, and therefore she was forced to complain at the Wadi police station.

As per the Consumer Protection Act, all shopkeepers are liable to legal action if they fail to issue bills to consumers after purchases from them.

"I had bought a silver rakhi from two shopkeepers at Raopura. However, both refused to provide bills saying that they do not issue bills for a small sum of Rs 50. Despite repeated requests they refused, and I had to approach the Wadi police. They asked for a written complaint, which I provided and later the PSO sent a constable to the shops," she said.

According to her, citizens often do not assert their rights and therefore many shopkeepers do not issue bills. However, a bill provides a documented proof of purchase and would help to hold the shopkeepers liable in case of defective goods, she said.

"I bought a rakhi which the shopkeeper claimed was made of silver, but he refused to give me a bill. If I later find that the rakhi is not made of silver and wish to complain, I would need a bill. I therefore insisted on being given a bill, which is my legal right."

Later both the shopkeepers were forced to provide the bills when the Wadi police constables accompanied me to the shops. One of the shopkeepers was also forced to come to the Wadi police station she said. According to her consumers should be aware of their rights and ensure that the traders do not cheat them. She also had a word of approval for the city police department for their prompt action in the matter.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Shravan month begins on sombre note in Kutch Monday, July 23, 2001

BHUJ: The impact of the fury of nature is still there. In the streets. On people's faces. And, as the month of 'Shravan' began on Saturday on a sombre note, the people of the quake-ravaged Kutch district dream of a future better than the past.

Fleet of ambulances were still seen on the roads as many of those who sustained injuries in the quake were under treatment. Besides, the cases of malaria were on the rise in the district.

In many of the villages in the district, temples of lord Shiva had either collapsed or got badly damaged, particularly in Bhuj, Anjar, Bhachau and Rapar Talukas. In old Bhuj, the razing of highly-damaged buildings and houses were going on.

The district authorities marked the beginning of the month by carrying out the 'blasting' work at the damaged Shivalaya apartments, situated near the Hatekeshwar temple of Bhuj.

The month used to be marked by the colourful festival of Hindola at Swaminarayan temples. But the impact of the earthquake of the unforgettable morning of January 26 this year would take its toll on it as well. The oldest Swaminarayan temple of Bhuj, situated in the Pareshwar Chowk locality, was completely damaged in the quake. This year, the entire temple had to be shifted to the premise of a school.

"Since old Bhuj has become deserted, the Vadnagara Nagar Mandal has decided to carry on the 50-year-old tradition of chanting of Mahim Strot at its ruined Hatekeshwar temple. Every year during Shravan, chanting of this mystic strot takes place. So, we have decided to carry on this tradition," said a spokesperson of the Mandal.

Fortunately, temples in the outskirts of Bhuj are in good shape such as Biharilal Mahadev near Khengar Park, Bhavnath in Bhanushali Nagar, Dwidhameshwar near the Collector's office and people have been visiting these temples.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Essar pays 'evaded' duty of Rs 6.81 cr Sunday, July 22, 2001

AHMEDABAD : Essar Steels Limited has deposited Customs duty of Rs 6.81 crore on imported goods after the Customs department seized finished goods worth nearly Rs 74.57 crore lying at Essar Steel's Hazira plant for non-payment of duty.

Customs additional commissioner S K Choudhary informed that the commissioner of Customs was personally supervising the investigations and monitoring the interrogation of some senior Essar officials in the case.

Essar Steels , according to the Customs department, had imported a consignment of 176505 MT of DR-grade iron ore pellets from Brazil at their captive Hazira jetty. The entire imported cargo was stored in the raw material storage yard of Essar, adjacent to the jetty.

However, Essar utilised the raw material without making full payment of duty .Choudhary said Essar cleared the goods clandestinely involving duty amounting to Rs. 6.81 crore.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Essar Steels told TOI that this was "just a procedural lapse, and not a case of evasion." He said the duty had been paid subsequently, and there was no loss to the exchequer.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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