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June 30, 2001 - July 1, 2001

RUDA to take up planned development of 12 villages Sunday, July 1, 2001

The Times of India News Service
RAJKOT, June 30: The Rajkot Urban Development Authority (RUDA) has decided to add 12 more villages on the outskirts of Rajkot city to its jurisdiction for planned development. With this, the total villages under RUDA has gone up to 48.

According to RUDA sources, the new development plan will get the necessary sanction from the state government soon. The newly-included villages would undergo a sea change and would have all the basic infrastructural facilities.

A development plan was sanctioned in 1988 for areas under the Rajkot Municipal Corporation and 39 villages on its periphery. Of these, three areas of Raiya, Nana Mahuva and Mahudi were merged into the RMC in 1998. For the remaining 36 villages, the RUDA had drawn up development plans.

However, the development plan had gone off the track as some of the flourishing industrial areas like Shapar-Veraval and Metoda were left out. When the authorities realised the haphazard development they decided to go about in a planned manner.

The 12 new villages that would be undertaken for development work include, Shapar-Veraval, Valdi-Virda, Kuvadva, Ratanpar-Kankot, Dholra, Haripar, Vaidiwad, Khirasara, Metoda and Taraghari. The development plan for these regions have been sent to the urban development ministry at Gandhinagar.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Narmada hump controversy takes new turn Sunday, July 1, 2001

The Times of India News Service
GANDHINAGAR, June 30: The Narmada hump controversy has taken a new turn with the revelation that under the Narmada Control Authority order Gujarat has not constructed a couple of blocks that form part of the three-metre rounded protuberance over the dam.

Despite state water resources minister Narottam Patel's announcement on Thursday that a 93-metre dam height had been achieved with the hump, and that it was now "possible" to take Narmada water through the canal to several areas of North Gujarat and Saurashtra -- up to Malia in Rajkot district -- via Ahmedabad by December 2001, Secretariat sources said this was technically not possible.

The three-metre hump, built over and above 90 metres of dam, remains "incomplete" with two of the 16 blocks -- Nos 31 and 45 with a length of 23 metres each -- obligatorily remaining unconstructed.

"This has been done to comply with orders of the NCA, which is acting as per a Supreme Court order for pari-passu raising of dam height along with rehabilitation of dam oustees," a senior Narmada Nigam source has told 'The Times of India'.

"This is to ensure that under normal circumstances the dam does store water more than 90 metres."

Nigam sources say storing water beyond 90 metres would make effective the two integrated by-pass tunnels (IBPT), 7.5 metres each and meant to take out Narmada water even at the low height of 93 metres.

The dam is ultimately slated to reach 138 metres, and sans IBPTs it can pump out water into the canal at the height of 110 metres. With the rehabilitation of oustees slow, many doubt whether the 110 metres would be achieved even by the next year-end.

The tunnels, whose construction is under dispute and is lying with the NCA's review committee, might be completed immediately after the monsoon, top sources here said.

Under pressure from Madhya Pradesh, the NCA rejected the tunnels but did not stay their construction work. Taking advantage of this, as also the drought situation, Gujarat went ahead with construction of the tunnels MP argued that by building the tunnels, Gujarat would be able to take out dead Narmada dam reservoir water at a very low height, thus depriving upstream areas of water during scarce seasons.

Effective at the dam height of 88.6 metres, the tunnels will need at least four more metres to get enough force to transfer water from the dam to the canal via the four dikes built outside the dam.

The Narmada Tribunal Award, which worked out all technical requirements for the dam, is silent about the tunnels, making MP oppose them.

While one of the two tunnels is partially complete, already allowing about 8,000 cusecs of water being pumped out of the dam, currently overflowing due to rains upstream, the other tunnel would be complete by this year-end.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Delay in BA results irks students Sunday, July 1, 2001

The Times of India News Service
VADODARA, June 30: Student leaders created a ruckus at the MS University office on Thursday. They were protesting the delay in declaring BA third year results. Arts faculty leader Nitin Patel who led the group cornered examination section officials.

The Baroda Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya is organising a refresher course on Friday. It will focus on topics like Ved-Vedang, Jyotish, Tantra, Dharmashastra, Vastu Shastra, Ayurveda, Dharmaveda, Agama, Jainagam, Samudrik, Shastra, Hast Rekha, marriage and child fertility, khagol vigyan. It has also lined up a national seminar on astrology, marriage and child fertility.

Research scholars, Sanskrit pandits and teachers from all over the country are expected. The seminar will be inaugurated by PVC V D Pathak. Jyotish Shastra Sampurna Nand Sanskrit University professor Umashankar Shukla will deliver the keynote address.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Typists asked to leave court premises Sunday, July 1, 2001

The Times of India News Service
VADODARA, June 30: More than 150 typists who sat in the Vadodara sessions and criminal court premises at the Nyay Mandir and Lal court were forced to stay away from work following a prohibitory order issued by the Vadodara district judge here on Tuesday.

As per the order, the typists were asked to leave the court premises because according to the civic manual, only registered clerks can sit in the court premises with the lawyers. There is no legal provision that provides license for typists to work in the court.

The order follows several complaints filed by the Baroda Bar Association lawyers who allege that the typists worked as middlemen and undertook commercial work in the court premises.

BBA president Narendra Tiwari said that many typists were known to work as middlemen. They not only misguided litigants but also took commissions to favour some lawyers. They also undertook commercial work on translation and typing that had nothing to do with the legal work.

"They cannot sit in the court premises and carry on a commercial enterprise without license and that is why they were asked to leave the place," he said.

According to Tiwari, a special meeting comprising the district judge, the BBA council members and the typists will be convened on Friday to find a solution to the problem.

Many lawyers said that typists are required in the court premises, as applications and filing of bail pleas and writs have to be typed. Tiwari said that they would try to sort out the problem by assigning a special place for typists to sit. He claimed that if this was done then the middlemen menace can be done away with.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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Man arrested for firing at police Saturday, June 30, 2001

The Times of India News Service
AHMEDABAD, June 30: After a dramatic chase on Thursday afternoon, the Kagdapith police arrested one Mukhtiar Ahmed alias Kalio Nazeer Ahmed Shaikh who fired at the police when they tried to question him during a routine vehicle-checking patrol.

Official sources said that assistant sub-inspector Makhusinh Gabhusinh, constable Raju Raghunath, constable Uday Ramarao and constable Rajkumar Gnaniram were checking vehicles near the New cloth market when they came across an autorickshaw (GJ 9 W 4268) from which an unidentified man screamed "there is an emergency, let me go".

This aroused suspicion of the police who stopped the autorickshaw and demanded that the passenger alight. He fished out a revolver from under his shirt and held it at the policemen's head. Constable Raghunath slammed his notepad on the gun-wielder's face while Ramarao hit him with a lathi.

Mukhtiar Ahmed then started running and the policemen chased him. During the chase Mukhtiar Ahmed fired two rounds to scare the police off. In the end, the man was arrested.

During interrogation, Mukhtiar Ahmed confessed that he had stolen the revolver from the Old Railway quarters in Kalupur on Tuesday. It was later confirmed that the weapon belonged to one RU Solanki, who works as a reader with the Rajkot railway police. Solanki had lodged a complaint that his revolver was stolen.

Mukhtiar Ahmed was interrogated by joint commissioner of police (sector II) MK Tandon, deputy commissioner of police (zone VI) and assistant police commissioner PP Pande, wherein he admitted that he was involved in 50 other crimes.

Ramarao and Raghunath will get Rs 3,000 as reward, while Rajkumar will get Rs 2,500, police commissioner PC Pande announced.

BoI Clarifies: The Bank of India has clarified on Thursday that they did not have any personalised banking branch at the Drive-in Road. The bank was reacting to an item which appeared on Wednesday in this column stating that the bank had lodged complaints with the police alleging customers of having borrowed housing loans by forging documents.

The news item was based on the official press release from the police commissionerate dated June 27 which had inadvertently mentioned 'Bank of India' in the place of 'State Bank of India'.

News Source : Times Of India News Service [ Lightning News ]

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