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June 2, 2001 - June 2, 2001

Toppers ascribe their exam success to God Saturday, June 2, 2001

Ahmedabad, June 1: Faith in God and determination brought them this far. Students who topped the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (general) results declared on Friday, did not shy away from disclosing their strong belief in God, who they said has guided their way to success.

Be it state topper Chirangi Shah, Rajeshkumar Jain, second ranker in the state, or Fareedabibi Shaikh with her fifth rank in the state, all the toppers from Ahmedabad thanked Him for their success. Seven girls rank among the top 10 toppers of Ahmedabad.

“God has been a driving force behind what I could achieve today,” remarks Ms Shah. After getting to know of her outstanding performance in the state, Ms Shah, a student of Shri J.L. Uchhatar Madhyamik School with her 92.17 per cent marks vehemently disclosed, “I did not expect this whooping success, just that He made it possible for me.”

Despite the fact that while all her friends and classmates moved around in their two-wheelers to attend the coaching classes, she managed the whole year in her bicycle. Aspiring to be either a chartered accountant or a post-graduate in business administration, the ranker wants to keep her fingers crossed until she makes a final decision.

Similarly, Ms Shaikh, an IAS contender, who wrote her HSCE (arts) in Urdu, did not get bogged down by the hardships either. “We do not have reference material in Urdu, and my father helped me study,” she recalled. Daughter of a tailor at Bapunagar, Ms Shaikh studied the reference materials translated by her father from Gujarati reference books. And despite her tough schedules, she never forgot to sit for three sessions of Namaz each day.

“Be it the earthquake, the examination tension or other worries, He kept guiding my way,” she remarked. Most of these candidates aspire to take up charter accountancy or pursue a career in business administration, and take the world in their stride, even in future.

News Source : The AsianAge Ahmedabad Edition [ The coolest Newspaper for city ]

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Above 80 per cent result in Baroda Saturday, June 2, 2001

Vadodara, June 1: Vadodara students had reasons to gloat when the higher secondary commerce results were declared on Friday. With 81.25 per cent success in the urban and 82.93 per cent in the rural sections, most of the students ranked at the state level and in the city have shown a penchant to go for chartered accountancy.

The result in three different centres namely Mandvi, Sayajigunu and Raopura was 81.84 per cent, 82.02 per cent and 79.49 per cent respectively. Results in rural Vadodara was about 83 per cent.

Ranked seventh in the state, Hiral Mansukhlal Modi said that she is planning to become a chartered accountant as her brother, who has done masters in business administration, inspired her. She said, “I had studied wholeheartedly. So I was sure about my results. I used to follow a daily schedule to avoid hassles after the preliminary exams and in the end.” She added, “I had completed my syllabus in December and started solving papers and I was confident when I gave the actual exams.”

When asked what played an important role in her success, Ms Modi said that it was tuitions apart from school which enabled her in scoring high- marks. She said, “The general trend is that students stop going to schools after preliminary exams mainly because it saves a lot of time. However, schools do play an important role because of the concern showed by the teachers.”

But for Harshal Shah, fifth in the district, management seems to be a better option as he said that he would like to help his father in business. Komal Tolani, fourth in the district, said that she would be able to fulfill her dreams of becoming a chartered accountant. Well, after cracking HSCE, that’s going to be easy!

News Source : The AsianAge Ahmedabad Edition [ The coolest Newspaper for city ]

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Control karo yaar: AMC loses control as telephones go dead Saturday, June 2, 2001

Ahmedabad, June 1
Monsoon is round the corner and yet almost all telephone lines of essential services are dead. Even the control rooms started by the AMC at Tagore Hall and the AMC head office are non-functional. Many phone lines at VS and L G hospital, Jamalpur, Gomtipur, Panchkuva and Naroda fire stations are dead for the past three days. All the corporators and the administrative officials in the AMC are facing trying times since Tuesday as most of the phone lines are not working.

Officials said there was a major problem with the telephone lines since one week and the engineering department was also informed but no one bothered and the phones went dead. “We informed the officer on special duty as well as the electrical department but due to their internal conflicts the phones are not repaired,” said Vasna corporator Amit Shah.

The leader of Opposition, Mr Dharmendra Shah, had to face maximum problems since he did not carry his mobile. “I wasted a lot of time trying to locate complaints from my areas,” he said. According to Deepak Bhatt, a corporator from Vasna, the entire exchange was changed and around Rs 32 lakhs was spent.

“However improper usage has lead to this problem. Since most of our staff are not used to the new system, the system fails even with little extra load,” the source said. An official on special duty, S R Shah, said “The exchange at AMC is very old. There is not a single person who deals with the complaints of instruments. Moreover, there is no one to handle the technical problems. Hence the whole system comes to a halt when the lines are dead.”

Mayor Himmatsingh Patel blamed the telephone department for the dead phones saying they did not take their complaints seriously. “We had lots of problems since phones are dead from Tuesday morning. The technical problem might be the reason for dead lines but at most of the places the reasons are unknown.”

The station fire officer at Gomtipur complained that it was very difficult for them to handle the fire calls in their area on Thursday and Friday. “We cannot rely on wireless systems always because important messages tend to get missed,” the officer added. Even at the headquarters most of the phones are dead. “The whole administration has come to a standstill,” he said.

News Source : The AsianAge Ahmedabad Edition [ The coolest Newspaper for city ]

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ASE board members turn down Sebi order, do not resign Saturday, June 2, 2001

Ahmedabad, June 1: The Ahmedabad Stock Exchange is in a chaos over the issue of corporatisation, with Sebi insisting that the elected members of the governing board of the stock exchange resign.

So far, the Sebi has twice directed the elected members of the stock exchange to resign warning them that they would be superceded if they fail to resign. However, the ASE members claim that there has been no direction from Sebi, either in word or in writing, asking the elected members to step down at all.

The ASE governing board comprises 14 members. Out of these, seven are elected broker members, two are Sebi nominees, four public representatives and one executive director.

Sources in the ASE said that Sebi had directed the elected members to step down in April. However, the governing board refused to resign. The general board meeting that met on Friday here decided that elected members would continue but the ASE would go ahead with the process of corporatisation on its own.

ASE director Deepak Shah, who is an elected member, said that keeping in view the statutory requirements and guidelines of Sebi and government of India the exchange has decided to adopt the process of corporatisation. “This would mean separation of ownership, management and trading rights in the ASE,” he added.

He further said that in the meeting they decided to corporatise the exchange and to convert the it into a public limited company for profit under provisions of the companies act and guidelines of SEBI and central government into the name of “The Stock Exchange Ahmedabad Limited.”

He further said that they have decided to hive off further surveillance and related functions of the exchange into a separate subsidiary company.

However, the sources in the ASE said that the reactions of SEBI on the move of the ASE are awaited. The rules of the government says that the trading member in the exchange should not have any office. However, the meeting of governing board has not ruled out the possibility of trading members to hold the post in the main company “The Stock Exchange Ahmedabad Limited,” which is against the law.

News Source : The AsianAge Ahmedabad Edition [ The coolest Newspaper for city ]

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‘Amarsinh has negative psyche’ Saturday, June 2, 2001

Gandhinagar, June 1
Finance minister Vaju Vala on Friday criticised leader of the Opposition Amarsinh Chaudhary for his “negative psyche” and said instead of strengthening the hands of the state government to help it tackle the drought, quake and other natural disasters he is just watching the show from the sidelines. Mr Vala’s response comes at a time when the Prime Minister is due to visit the state on June 3.

Mr Chaudhary had on Thursday said he would like to make a representation to the Prime Minister on the failures of the state government on several fronts.

Accusing Mr Chaudhary of negative approaches, Mr Vala said be it quake or drought or Narmada, Mr Chaudhary has formed a habit of saying that nothing is being done. Mr Vala said the opposition leader has been bereft of issues despite the disasters and has therefore resorted to crude politics.

Mr Vala said the state government has announced several packages for rehabilitation of various sections of people in 7,633 villages and 21 cities within a period of four months.

Despite a quake of this magnitude, the state government has ensured that there is no epidemic, the waters of Narmada has been taken from Kevadia to as far as Saurashtra to quench the thirst at various corners, the construction of three mts hump over the 90 m dam has commenced in full force and whereas as many as 26 lakh daily workers have been employed for relief work to tackle the difficult drought situation in the state.

Mr Vala said there have been no starvation deaths in the state and the government is providing fodder to 1.5 crore animals at this difficult juncture. Despite making all efforts to tackle a difficult situation, Mr Chaudhary has chosen to ignore the realities and just criticise the state government.

He said the Congress with its ‘myopic’ eyesight can just visualise water riots in every corner between cities and villages. Mr Vala said the Congress had not been able to reach the waters of the Narmada to the people of the state and also wants to see the present government fail in this endeavour.

He said Mr Chaudhary should know that despite having been struck with a cruel blow there has been no cry from the quake affected and there is no exodus. Mr Vala said even in the case of the Madhavpura Mercantile Cooperative Bank scam, the state government has successfully been able to set aside all the controversies and a solution is on the anvil.

News Source : The AsianAge Ahmedabad Edition [ The coolest Newspaper for city ]

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