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May 27, 2001 - May 27, 2001

Wireless local loop service connects 5,000 LINES Sunday, May 27, 2001

Ahmedabad, May 26: The wireless local loop service was inaugurated by the Union minister of state for communication Tapan Sikdar by contacting chief minister Keshubhai Patel from the handset telephone.

The WiLL service started with 5,000 telephone connections and is set to provide 62,000 connections in seven districts of the state during the current year. In the next year, the service will provide 74,000 connections in all the districts of the state.

The chief minister at the inauguration of the wireless mobile services of Bharat Sanchar Nigam here on Saturday stressed the need for effective communication system with alternative technology at the time of natural calamity.

While referring to the contribution of Gujarat in the development and expansion of communication service in the country, Keshubhai Patel added that the state has received the highest number of telephone connections this year.

He also emphasised on the need to incorporate the state capital Gandhinagar under the technology of wireless local loop service. Mr Sikdar pledged the governments’ firm resolve to equip farmers in the rural sector with world class telephone facility at a cheaper rate compared to the private sector.

He said, “A situation will be created wherein rural sector will start using mobile phones with the exchange of communication technology.” Expressing government’s determination to initiate Internet Communication Outlets in every village, he said he would look into the proposal of giving installments in five months advance rent for telephone by BSNL.

Finance minister Vajubhai Vala, expressed confidence that the wireless mobile service will become popular in the rural sector also. Information technology minister Bimal Shah congratulated the Telecom Circle for the development of communications system in Gujarat.

News Source : The AsianAge Ahmedabad Edition [ The coolest Newspaper for city ]

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Demand supply ratio: Number of primary schools on rise Sunday, May 27, 2001

Vadodara, May 26: A silent revolution has begun in the field of primary education in Vadodara. Significantly, a higher number of primary schools has been registered with the district education office this year. The increase is due to a growing awareness about the quality of education provided by the private schools.

After the government liberalised the education policy the number of schools have increased in the city. According to data provided by the district education office, apart from 131 schools managed by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation and 307 private schools, as many as 53 new primary schools have been registered for the year 2001-02.

The development has raised serious doubts about the quality of education provided by the VMC run schools as several students have shifted to private schools. “The registration rate is probably the highest in the past five years which is a positive sign as far as primary education is concerned,” said district education officer C.V. Nisarta.

The average number of registrations used to be around 20 schools in the past. He said, “The state government is aiming for 100 per cent literacy which is not possible without the support of the private schools.

There is a great pressure on the government run schools to provide education to the economically poor students. In such circumstances private schools would come as a great help to the government.”According to Mr Nisarta the district education office is taking care of the facilities provided by the newly registered schools.

He said, “There was a time when school registration used to be a stringent process. Schools unable to meet required parameters were rejected by the government but in the process the literacy rate suffered a lot in the process.”

According to Mr Nisarta the government has become soft as far as new registrations are concerned. He said, “Schools which are not meeting with the specified standards is shut automatically as the parents have become attentive towards their child’s education.”

Vadodara district teachers association president Nikhil Desai too agreed to the point that the increasing number of primary schools in the city would improve the academic status of the city and state. He said, “Primary education is the base of the entire educational system and if we have students with proper education it will help the system in the long run.”

He opined that the increase in the primary schools would ease the burden on the government schools. He said, “Parents have suddenly changed their attitude towards the education system as they have sensed the kind of competition their child will face in the coming years.

There are cases where parents despite poor background admitted their child in private instead of the government school to assure better education.” Promila Zalpuri, principal of Baroda high school, Alkapuri, however said that the government, apart from permitting new schools, should motivate the existing schools to provided quality education.

She said, “It is welcome change in the world of education. It would increase the competition between different schools to provide the best educatio. At the same time it is responsibility of the government to see that the existing schools do not close down after some struggle for survival.”

For parents private schools with comparatively high fees than government schools seem to be a better option. Shantilal Thakor resident of Fatehpura said, “Due to economical constraints I had admitted my son in Fatehpura VMC school and for the past two years he has been there.

But now I have decided to shift him to a new school which charges Rs 80 more than the government school. I have realised that unless the fundamentals of my son are not clear he would never become a good student in future.”

Bhogi Vasava whose daughter used to study at a non-government organisation at Dabhoi road expressed that the private school is like blessing for his son. He said, “I have decided to admit both my daughter and son in a school which is seven kilometers away. Though I will be spending money, I feel that it will be for the betterment of my children’s future.”

News Source : The AsianAge Ahmedabad Edition [ The coolest Newspaper for city ]

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Raid at BSNL employee’s house by police Sunday, May 27, 2001

Vadodara, May 26: The detection of crime branch (economic offense cell) on Thursday raided the closed up house of a Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited employee R.T. Sharma, who is the kingpin in the multi-crore ISD racket.

According to police inspector N.K. Rathod, the police after obtaining search warrant from the court, broke into Sharma’s house from where they seized Rs 14,000 and some important documents.
Mr Rathod said, “Apart from Rs 14,000 we also seized about 20 blank stamp papers.

Similarly we are planning to conduct raids at the residence of the another accused telecom employee, Mr Shailesh Chanpura.” Mr Rathod also said that Sharma, while playing a key role in the scam, managed seven telephone lines which were used to make illegal ISD calls to the West Asian countries.

He said, “We have identified Sharma’s handwriting and signature in the application forms submitted for new telephone connections and will also take the help of handwriting experts if required.”

Sharma later transferred the phone lines in the names of K.M. Patel, Harsha Sarvaiya, Vandana Doshi, M.P. Panchal, Ashok Patel, Rakesh Shah, Mulji Patel and Ketan R. Police also said that Sharma managed to acquire numbers ending with double zero which shows direct connection in the scam.

News Source : The AsianAge Ahmedabad Edition [ The coolest Newspaper for city ]

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AMC employees to declare their assets by June Sunday, May 27, 2001

The municipal commissioner K. Kailashnathan has issued a notice according to which the employees of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation will have to submit a statement declaring their assets by June 30, else their increments will be stopped.

Though it is a rule that such statements are to be declared by the government employees every year, the rule is not implemented diligently.

The decision comes following an IT raid at the AMC employee Nandkishore Parikh’s residence, where his assets were found to be disproportionate to his income.

News Source : The AsianAge Ahmedabad Edition [ The coolest Newspaper for city ]

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State no longer on high alert as cyclone threat eases Sunday, May 27, 2001

Sunday, May 27, 2001 (Gandhinagar):

The imminent cyclone threat having eased, the Gujarat government feels that most districts no longer need to be on high alert. This is following reports from the MET department that the cyclone, expected to hit the Gujarat coast today has weakened considerably and is likely to cause minimal damage if it hits the coast.

Only the Union Territory of Diu, and districts of Junagarh, Porbandar, Jamnagar and Kutch are still on red alert as a precautionary measure. All ports are also on red alert and fishermen are still being advised not to go out to sea. The Army and CRPF are also on standby. According to the last available reports from the MET department, the intensity of the cyclone has reduced with a circulating wind speed of 60-70 km per hour that may recurve and hit the Gujarat coast between Verawal and Nalia in Kutch by the evening.
Source - NDTV

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