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April 19, 2001 - April 19, 2001

GANDHIDHAM:::: Jaundice epidemic Thursday, April 19, 2001

GANDHIDHAM: After cases of jaundice in some villagers in Rapar, now is the turn of Palansava village, in the same taluka, where 20 cases of jaundice have been registered. The unseasonal rain last week added to the residents' woes. Now jaundice seems to have assumed epidemic form and people are scared. They attributed it to the dirt and squalour, specially the impure water supply. Complaints at various levels about the impure water supply have been of no avail. They pleaded the health department to take immediate corrective steps.

Meanwhile, As a preventive measure, the municipality has banned the sale of cold drinks, candies and sugar cane juice in this area. The cold drink sellers association has opposed it on the plea that they are ready to observe all precautions and maintain health norms. If anything, the municipality should activate its health department. Association president Ashok Jethwani said that families of its members were in distress and they ply their business only for four months.

After summer they have to stop the business and divert to some other sundry job. In such circumstances, the municipal authorities should not ban the sale but should strictly follow the rules, the vendors plead.

For the past few days the water being supplied to the Gandhidham municipal area by the Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board is impure and unhygeinic. The reason: malfunctioning of filtration plant.

There is no alternate arrangement for calcination and filtration of the water being supplied for drinking. This has been brought to the notice of authorities but to no avail. It is apprehended that due to distribution of impure and contaminated drinking water in the area, epidemic like diarrhoea and jaundice may spread.

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Renew link with nature, says Sudarshan Thursday, April 19, 2001

GANDHIDHAM: RSS sarsanghchalak Sudarshanji on his four-day visit to the earthquake-hit Kutch district addressing Sangh members at Anjar at the GMDC educational complex said that natural calamity like earthquake has occurred as people on earth forgot the link with nature. This was a rare manifestation of the human failure in taking life in its entirety.

If the people of Kutch maintain co-ordination with nature and strive for rehabilitation, life will be smooth and normal in a year. Howsoever better and sincere the government or administration may be, development was not possible without the society's co-operation. The destruction takes one minute, but development takes years, or decades. He advised Kutchis to have patient and join hands for the task of rehabilitation.

He said it was vital to stop tree cutting as it disturbed balance of nature. Slaughter of cows, too, on a large scale leads to an earthquake.

The devastation of Kutch warned the human race that if the imbalance of nature was not stopped, depletion of natural resources would continue. He cited from the Veda that life should be viewed in its entirety.

So he lamented that under the western influence, we are looking at the life in piecemeal. He exhorted swayamsevaks to shun western culture. Earlier, flag hoisting and prayers were performed in the presence of a large gathering of swayamsevaks. Mahesh Oza spoke of the relief and rescue work done by the RSS workers in the district.

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VMC flayed on water issue Thursday, April 19, 2001

VADODARA: In the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) general body meeting on Tuesday, the Congress leaders accused the ruling party of failing to handle the crisis arising at Fazalpur French wells due to the reverse flow of sea water from the Gulf of Khambat into the Mahi last week.

The recent back flow of water had turned the river water saline. In addition to the water being saline, it also contained high percentage of dissolved solids. As a result of the contamination, the VMC was forced to shut down the Fazalpur French wells. Due to this supply of nearly one crore-gallon water from Fazalpur French wells were stopped.

The Congress leaders, who had visited the area on Wednesday morning, said the VMC officials had failed to solve the problem. "Instead of purifying the saline water collected in the ponds near the French wells at Fazalpur they have build walls which is obstructing the release of saline water from these ponds," said Congress leader Chirag Zaveri.

They said due to the water crisis certain areas in the city were not receiving adequate water. "It's been more than 10 days and yet the city has not been in a position to draw water from the Fazalpur French wells," said another Congress leader Chandrakant Srivastav.

"The only means to solve this problem is to release pure water into the Mahi river to flush out the saline water that is stored here," added Congress leader Manoj Thakore.

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Museum restoring old animal exhibits Thursday, April 19, 2001

VADODARA: The Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery has embarked on a mission to revive old stuffed animals that were housed in the storehouse of the museum for years. Amongst the stuffed animals that were found in the store were a crocodile that was more than 80 years old and an African Gazelle which is estimated to be over a hundred years old.

Museum's senior taxidermist Ajitsinh Patil is currently restoring the two trophies, which were damaged by insects due to years of neglect. The tail and paws of the crocodile were eaten away and were weathered. These are now being rebuilt using paper mashie, paper pulp and colours.

Similarly the African gazelle too had to be given a facelift. The stuffing of the gazelle was harmed and in a few places its skin and hair are damaged, this too is being restored. The Natural History department plans to place these animals in the museum after its restoration to educate visitors about the rich flora and fauna, which is being destroyed. The exhibits would also display the natural habitat of the animals.

Patil is an expert in taxidermy and has restored and prepared many birds and animals for the museum. According to him the art of taxidermy is not a part of any formal education and that his knowledge was gained from his father who was also a taxidermist.

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Traders up in arms against move to widen road Thursday, April 19, 2001

RAJKOT: The traders of Raiya Road are up in arms against the proposed move of the civic body to widen the road from Hanuman Madhi to Raiya Chokdi. This move entails demolition of 28 shops under town planning scheme number 1 and 60 shops under scheme number 6.

The Raiya Road Vepari Mandal in a statement on Wednesday said that as an earlier issue on the same lines was still in court, the civic body had no right to carry out any operations in the area. The traders have threatened agitational programmes including Raiya bandh and rasta roko agitation if the operation was not halted immediately.

Vepari mandal leaders said the issue of demolition of 29 shops was pending before the district court and its hearing was posted for April 30. Therefore the civic body had no right to go ahead with the demolition before that.

Raiya Road is one of the busiest areas in the city and a wider road can help solve traffic problems. But with the civic body and traders at loggerheads over the issue, it will take some time before the issue is resolved amicably.

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