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November 3, 2001 - November 4, 2001

Govt promises 1 lakh houses for the under priviledge Sunday, November 4, 2001

News Source : Times News Network
GANDHINAGAR: The Gujarat government will soon launch an ambitious project of constructing one lakh 'pucca' houses as well as 10,000 toilets for labourers in the urban sector, Chief Minister Narendar Modi said on Thursday.

Speaking at a function organised by the newly-constituted Gujarat Safai Kamdar Vikas Nigam at Ahmedabad, Modi said that it aimed at providing 'pucca' houses and toilets to the people who had been neglected for years. He reaffirmed the state government's sympathy for such people who lived in abject poverty.

Modi added that by granting laons worth crores of rupees the plight and predicament of the depressed and the down-trodden would not come to end. "What they require is not sympathy, but equality too," he said.

The chief minister said a harmonious society was not emerging because of the prevailing psychological evil which did not accord respectability to the 'labour' of labourers. He pledged for bridging the widening gap between the lower and upper castes.

Social justice and empowerment minister Fakirbhai Vaghela who chaired the function said that since 1998 the state government had given honour to the depressed class by renaming them as members of 'Valmiki Samaj'.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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No arrests in Navrangpura murder yet Sunday, November 4, 2001

News Source : Times News Network
AHMEDABAD: There have been no arrests yet in the Navrangpura murder case where a man was shot dead in an apartment here when he tried to ease a heated argument between two parties involved in the money-lending business.

Abhay Vora was killed on Wednesday night by a revolver bullet shot by an accomplice of Shailendra Singh to who Vora's friend Kailashnath Sunherilal Agrawal, owed some money.

The incident occured at the Sheetal Chhaya apartments where Agrawal stays after a fight over Rs 6.5 lakhs which Agrawal had reportedly borrowed from Singh. Apparently, Agrawal who is the complainant here, has clammed up about Singh's whereabouts and claims he did not know the person who fired the shot.

There were two persons with Singh when the argument with Agrawal led to fisticuffs and Vadodara resident, Vora who was visiting Agrawal, decided to ease things out and was shot on the right shoulder by the accomplice.

"Agrawal claims he does not know even where Singh stays and neither does he know his full name", says the police. Agrawal gave an address to the police, which they checked and were told that Singh had left the place six months back.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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New in-charge ministers of districts Sunday, November 4, 2001

News Source : Times News Network
GANDHINAGAR: Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Friday appointed new in-charge and joint in-charge ministers for 25 districts to oversee developmental projects of the district concerned.

Accordingly, education minister Anandiben Patel will look after Ahmedabad and agriculture minister Purshottam Roopala will be in-charge minister of his home district of Amreli. Similiarly, industries minister Suresh Mehta will be in-charge for Kutch.

Food and civil supplies minister Bharat Barot will take care of Vadodara while water supply minister Narottam Patel will hold the charge of his home district of Surat. Rural development minister Mohanbhai Kundaria will be incharge of Rajkot district. Finance minister Nitin Patel and Vadilal Patel will be in-charge and joint in-charge of Mehsana district to which they belong.

Labour minister Kanjibhai Patel has been entrusted Bulsar district while law minister Hemant Chapatwala is new in-charge of Bharuch district. Home minister Gordhanbhai Zadaphia will be new in-charge of Bhavnagar district. Energey minister Kaushik Patel has been assigned Anand district. The adjoining Nadiad district has been entrusted to urban development minister I K Jadeja.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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Two arrested for hacking ISP sites Saturday, November 3, 2001

News Source Indian Express
THE Mumbai cybercrime cell arrested two persons in Ahmedabad on Wednesday for hacking into the networks of various internet service providers (ISPs). Umang Dave and S.I. Ilanthirayan are accused of hacking into ISP systems and redirecting web pages to sites with names of terrorist organisations such as Al Qaida and Laskar-e-Toiba. The duo ran an internet security agency called Gateway Telesoft Ltd in Ahmedabad. Both accused have been remanded to police custody till November 9.

Joint Commissioner (Crime) B.S. Mohite did confirm the arrests on hacking charges and said one is a scientist. But he urged not to give the arrests media coverage because it involved national security.

Police Commissioner M.N. Singh, however, denied any news of the arrests. According to preliminary investigations, the duo would hack into ISPs which had stockbrokers and corporate houses as clients. Later, their company would approach the ISP and propose a security programme. The ISPs would jump at the proposal and sign a deal.

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Jimmy Carter & Hillary for quake anniversary Saturday, November 3, 2001

News Source : Times News Network
After Bill Clinton, it's yet another US ex-president Jimmy Carter to visit Kutch. This time it is to mark the first anniversary of the earthquake in January 2002. Also set to visit is New York senator Hillary Clinton.

The American India Foundation (AIF), which has channelised over $2 million for some of the organisations working in Kutch, is giving final touches to the high-profile visit. It's co-ordinator Mike Patel told Times News Network on Friday, "It is almost final, but looking to the circumstances we are keeping it a little low-profile as of now. The visit will be planned on January 26, 2002 to mark the first anniversary of the quake."

He said Jimmy Carter, who is an AIF trustee, is working on several projects related to housing in Africa, and has shown keen interest in visiting Kutch. Efforts are being made to bring honchos of top transnationals in the entourage.

AIF wants to ensure that Kutch earthquake does not slip out of people's memory with passage of time. "Visit of dignitaries will help focus on Kutch, and people in America can thus be convinced about the need to generate more funds. Besides, those who helped generate funds will be convinced that that they are put to right use."

The foundation has channelised funds to four organisation _ Abhiyaan, Janvikas, SEWA and Kalaraksha _ working on different projects in Kutch.

Patel who is 'Commissioner of the President's Advisory Commission on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders' expressed total satisfaction about the use of funds and the work done by these organisations. "Our part of work was easy, their's is a tough job. But they have done a tremendous job. I saw children learning at computer education centre. Most of the housing projects are upto 60-70 per cent complete. Handicrafts and self-sufficiency projects are doing well. I am satisfied."

Dismissing the criticism about AIF funds not reaching to some organisations, he said: "Credibility and proven track-record were the criteria for funds. Our trustees were very clear that we did not want funds to be misused. Besides, we were not into emergency relief but in long-term programmes. So we asked the organisations to start working on a project and then expect funds. Many not considered for funds were therefore unhappy."

Patel claimed that the attacks on WTC have not affected AIF projects much. "One fund-raising dinner at Chicago had to be postponed. We diverted some of the funds for New York victims. The foundation's scope includes other countries too, and we cannot neglect disasters elsewhere."

The AIF participated in candle-light vigils in New York, and educated middle-class Americans who were mistaking Sikhs and other Indians for Taliban.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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