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Gujarat Food Recipe by All Recipes 247

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Italian dishes --




-- Tips

Italian food is soon becoming as popular as the
chinese delicacies in the Indian houselolds. There
was a time when a handful of restaurants served
Italian dishes and these were few and far between.

Nowadays many restaurants serve these
delicacies with equal fervour as other like chinese
and mughalai.Since the Indian palate is tuned to tastes whichare quite liberal on the seasoning front, most of
the dishes slowly adapt themselves to this
quality, by indianinsing the flavour of the dish.

Pasta forms a central ingredient in the cooking of
most popular italian dishes. However this comes
in various shapes, sizes, colours, flavours and
textures. Made from a base of plain flour, pasta
can be prepared and stored at home, but the
finishing of marketed products cannot be
achieved at home. Besides the process is quite
long and tedious. So it is best to buy the desired
variety from a store. It is readily available almost
all over the world.

The secret to perfect results is in the cooking of
the pasta. If underdone it tastes doughy, if
overdone it tastes mushy. A little care and
practice and you will master the 'just right' stage in
no time.

Seasoning of the dish form another important part
of cooking italian fare. Though there is a try to
strike a balance between the authentic italian taste
and the indian palate, you may go ahead and make
the same dishes spicier or blander as your
tastebuds desire. Its sure you will not be

The catch lies in perfectly cooked pasta: follow
the steps below, for the same. As a general rule,
put plenty of water to boil, add a tbsp. of oil to it.
Add the pasta to this boiling water. Drain when
done in a large colander. Hold under running
water to cool off and not allow further softening.
Spread in a large plate, using greased hands, to
separate the strands.

Use only after to fully cooled otherwise the pasta
will tend to break in the recipe when used hot.

Cheese forms another important ingredient of
Italian cuisine. The varieties used have a vast,
vast range from the harder and heavier parmesan
to the light and soft ricotta or mozarella. However
people tend to substitute most varieties, with the
most easily available and versatile processed and
cooking cheeses. The results are definitely not
disappointing, though those used to original
italian cuisine only, may find the flavour a bit

Olive oil is another important ingredient in Italian
cooking. This imparts a special flavour to and
aroma to Italian fare exclusive to it. The best
quality is the oil in its pure form and will produce
excellent results. 


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