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Gujarat Food Recipe by All Recipes 247

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Mexican dishes --




-- Tips

Mexican cooking is synonymous with the use
of tortillas, spices, maizes exotic vegetables
like avocados, etc.

Like bread, rices, etc. that form staple diet of
people of other parts of the world, tortillas
(thin round pancake like bread made of maize)
form the mainstay of mexican food. The
dough for these is made through a
painstaking and interesting process. Maize is
soaked in a solution of slaked lime and water,
for 10-15 hours. The maize is then boiled in
this same water till tender. Then it is drained
and washed with plain water many times till all
the lime is washed away. It is then pound to a
smooth pasty soft dough. Small thin rounds
of this dough are then rolled out and then
either roasted on a griddle or fried as required.
The mexican maize is particularly friendly to
this process of maize pounding.

A shortcut to making tortillas is to use fine
maize flour and plain flour combination of 1:1.
The individual recipes specify the remaining

Another favourite of Mexicans is the use of
avocados, (which grow here in abundance) in
so many delicious ways. The salad is a novel
taste for salad lovers and refreshingly cool.

Though some of the recipes like tacos,
enchiladas, etc. may look tedious, the whole
process may be broken down into 2 or three
sessions to be made at leisure and stored till
you want to make the final recipe. I have tried
to give the individual timings required where
possible. The end result is definitely a
wonderful treat to the palates of friends and
relatives alike.

Mexicans are known for their informal
hospitality which carries the warmth of the
land. They love to call in friends for food.
This is why many of their dishes though
requiring prior preparation, have hardly any
last minute tedium. 


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