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Yearly Forecast - Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 23)
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If last year gave no signs of being momentous, give yourself another seven months. Not for many years have the stars been so auspicious. The lunar eclipse of 30th December 2001 and that of the 24th June 2002 are the trigger points for events of a life-changing nature and while there is no guarantee that you’ll make a million or become famous overnight, if you have had the courage to follow your star, so to speak, here come the rewards. An opportunity that arises in January should not be missed, even if it does necessitate some upheaval and change. And an investment or financial arrangement made in February could set the stage for greater long term security and stability. May presents the most challenging patterns of all and while you cannot prevent an out of the blue event, if any situation is showing signs of distress by April, radical action should be taken. 2002’s stars could launch you into orbit – but only if you’re  prepared to move heaven and earth!.

Key Dates

Red light dates: 9th January, 27th February, 27th March, 11th April, 26th May, 24th June, 24th July, 22nd August, 21st September, 11th October, 20th November, 19th December.

Green light dates: 1st January, 16th February, 1st March, 20th April, 12th May, 21st June, 20th July, 16th August, 30th September, 27th October, 5th November, 31st December


For some Cancerians the New Year will be a time of engagements and marriages while for others January represents the start of a new phase for an established relationship. And in a few cases the beginning of the year produces a new romantic interest. The aforementioned eclipses are likely to have their biggest impact on your love life and it is the area in which the theme of moving heaven and earth to get what you want is going to be playing longest and loudest. The period between the 27th May and the 14th June is the most romantic of 2002 – and a time when your ability to attract what (or rather who) into your life is at its strongest. The signs of Capricorn and Leo could figure prominently, whether such individuals become new partners or whether they are the catalysts of change.


The biggest obstacle to your success and happiness is your fear of change and your innate caution. It seems there is a little voice in your head holding you back and filling you with self-doubts. You need to remember that regrets are something you will have for not doing what you did. Health too may have posed some worries and for the next twelve months you should ensure that your nutritional needs are met and that your physical well-being is up to scratch. Saturn’s passage through the obscure twelfth house could also generate some fears about job security – hence the advice to apply radical actions in the event of any rumours about your work situation. Jupiter is an enormously protective influence while he is in your sign so if you do get knocked off your perch, you’ll soon be back on your feet. Jupiter will continue to help you increase your standing in the world throughout 2002.

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