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Yearly Forecast - Capricorn (Dec 23 - Jan 20)
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Capricorns can be slow starters, although by the same token the best things in life tend to be worth the wait. However, whatever your age and whatever your situation you are in a no-waiting zone in 2002! This is your year to push out the proverbial boat, whether you do so for personal/romantic reasons or for financial and professional ones. And you need to start at the very beginning of January. Seeds sown at this time should grow into great and glorious blooms and you must have the courage to pursue your ambitions, no matter how far out of reach they seem. The lunar eclipse of 30th December 2001 and that of the 24th June 2002 both signal the completion of a six to twelve year cycle so you should be prepared to bid certain people and certain situations goodbye. Work and relationships see the biggest changes in 2002 – changes that come in suddenly and unexpectedly.

Key Dates

Red light dates:  18th January, 27th February, 27th March, 1st April, 26th May, 24th June,  2nd July, 20th August, 21st September, 11th October, 20th November, 6th December

Green light dates:  1st January, 8th February, 1st  March, 12th April, 3rd May, 30th June, 20th July, 8th August, 25th September, 25th October, 26th November, 26th December


The year could start out very romantically indeed. December and early January-born Capricorns could see the biggest turn-around in their love lives but whenever your birthday you have some fine opportunities for meeting someone special in January and moving an existing relationship forward. Late May to mid-June is another potent period for romance and relationships and the weekend of 1st June would be perfect for a wedding – or even a blind date. Indeed, you’re far more likely to be bowled over by a complete stranger this year than someone you are introduced to by friends or family.  Even if you do not experience a great improvement in affairs of the heart in 2002 people who are impressive in one way or another will cross your path and make an impact on your future. Remember: you’re in a no-waiting zone!


It’s that old problem of memories of past failures and disappointments preventing you from diversifying. And this applies equally to forming new relationships as to making progress on the job front. Certain situations may have run out of road already, or they will do so in the early part of 2002, and you will need to adapt your skills and your personality to new conditions. The May and June period is the most unstable and frustrating for work, although it is through events then that changes for the better occur. Jupiter will influence relationships for the entire year and if there is one planet that can bring happiness and increase, it is this one. Forming partnerships – whether of the business or romantic kind - and joining associations make 2002 a major year of growth and success. And the most fertile times for meetings and matches lie between 1st of June and 22nd July.

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