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Yearly Forecast - LEO
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You have been waiting a long time for some ‘good’ stars but that wait is over. There may still be an element of uncertainty to cope with and an occasion or two when you doubt the astrology but by August you will have reached the end of a long and sometimes very dissonant cycle and gradually, gradually, the new and the good will start to come in.  Meetings with remarkable people make this year different from the rest and someone from a foreign and certainly different background could lead to job improvements and/or a change of address. February leads the way in this regard but the mid-June to late August period is also dynamite in terms of change and opportunity. Fortunate Venus remains at the base of chart from September to the end of the year so harmony and love extend from the roots of life into every other area.

Key Dates

Red light dates: 28th January, 13th February, 15th March, 28th April, 18th May, 29th June, 2nd July, 22nd August, 25th September, 31st October, 20th November, 14th  December

Green light dates: 23rd January, 11th February, 22nd March, 6th April, 21st May, 20th June, 29th July, 16th August, 3rd September, 26th October, 29th November, 18th December


As soon as Venus enters the seventh house of relationships on 18th January a season of real romance begins. The full moon of the 28th January is key here, whether this enables you to close some unfinished business or set the seal on a relationship. By mid-February an association that is preventing you from being the person you truly are will either have to change its tune completely or you will be freed from it. This same time period is ripe for love affairs of the sudden and passionate kind to flare up out of nowhere but it may take until late May before you make decisions as to the future of the relationship. The eclipses of the year primarily focus on the creative and romantic sectors of your chart and, especially if you have a 5th – 7th August birthday, destiny is poised to strike.


You are a natural star and not always comfortable being part of a team. You may already have faced some difficulties with a colleague or an organization and in the process you could have felt that your talents were being misused or unrecognized. By the second half of the year your confidence will be back so that this conflict-ridden trend will be reversed or you will be free to move onward and upward. You will still need to be careful with your contacts and certain friendships – some people do not have your best interests at heart and they could do you some professional and personal harm. Jupiter’s entry into Leo on 1st August marks the start of a fabulous twelve months. You can achieve recognition; you may travel widely and with your faith in yourself restored there are new ventures that will expand you and enhance your reputation.

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