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Yearly Forecast - Libra (Sept 24 - Oct 22)
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With so many of the outer planets harmoniously aligned for Libra, how can you go wrong? Well, I believe with persistence and self-belief there is nothing you cannot achieve under 2002’s stars. However, Libra’s greatest failing is a dependence on other people’s good opinion of you and your tendency to live your life through a partner.  It seems you are standing on the brink, wondering whether to jump in with both feet or scuttle back to the safety of the shore, unless, of course someone pushes you in! You will not have the luxury of time and thought in 2002 – events will happen suddenly, especially in February and August. Thus, from January 1st you must decide what aspirations are worth your total commitment and where your main priorities lie. Your world gets bigger in 2002 – and in every sense of the phrase.

Key Dates

Red light dates: 18th January, 18th February, 27th March, 24th April, 9th May,  24th June, 24th July, 2nd August, 21st September, 10th October, 20th November, 14th December.

Green light dates: 1st January, 16th February, 22nd March, 6th April, 13th May, 3rd June, 20th July, 17th August, 1st September, 26th October, 23rd November, 25th December.


A more independent you emerges in 2002. Your partner may still be the same and the outer trappings of your relationship still as it was but you are not prepared to put up with the role of second fiddle. You have come into your own power. In some cases and for some Librans this means you will be attracted to people who are movers and shakers, individuals of substance – enough in a few instances to inspire you to finally leave a partner who has not pulled his/her weight for a long time. February, March, April and August are the months when Venus and Mars shine their light on your love life thus producing events that either bring someone into your life, someone powerful enough to push you into that deep end, or the nerve to finally go it alone!


Sticking to your plans and being faithful to your cause – whatever that may be – are your toughest task. A failure here, a rejection there have all contributed to your tendency to back off when the going gets tough. This you cannot do now. If a door closes in your face, knock on it again. And if it still refuses to open, go to the next – and so on. Persistence and a steel-back bone are required. The eclipses of 30th December 2001 and 24 June 2002 focus on your life-direction and especially if you are a September Libran there look to be some major moves on the home and career front. Jupiter echoes this theme for the first six months urging you to travel and find a bigger market-place for your talents and fulfilment. Yes, there could be some exciting opportunities to spread your wings but they will require those C-words – commitment and courage.

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