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Yearly Forecast - Pisces
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Getting real is your motto for 2002. You’ve done the dreaming; you’ve let other people dictate terms; you’ve listened to the advice and you’ve coped with the disappointments. Now you have to do the work; you have to build your future according to your blue-print. Of course this doesn’t mean you won’t meet opposition, criticism and red lights but you will find ways to get around obstacles. The concept of building may be quite literal for some Pisceans, since 2002 could find you moving home and doing some reconstruction; but for others building is more along the lines of adding to your reputation and putting your romantic and familial relationships onto a solid footing. The combination of the Saturn-Pluto opposition and the year’s eclipse patterns could make it necessary to move or work in another country and particularly in late May and late September your life path could take a dramatic fork.

Key Dates

Red light dates: 28th January, 27th February, 17th March, 9th April, 26th May, 10th June, 24th July, 22nd August, 21st September, 11th October, 30th November, 4th December

Green light dates: 3rd January, 16th February, 14th March, 30th April, 12th May, 1st June, 20th July, 17th August, 11th September, 1st October, 26th November, 31st December


The secret of success as far as your love life goes is in being self-secure. You are a naturally giving, self-sacrificing sort of person, which means partners experience little trouble in walking all over you. Right from the start of a romance you should let the other person do more of the work of the relationship; only when commitment is there and your needs and feelings are being met should you begin to show what a real softy you are. You get your first chance of building a new relationship in such a way in February. And this same period is ripe for putting an established relationship onto a stronger, more permanent footing – indeed Valentine’s Day could prove romantic heaven for some Pisces this year, whether an engagement or a wedding is the outcome. July and early August is another boom time for Pisces’ nuptials and finding new love – just be aware, however, that love, like a rose, has some thorns, something you could well discover around the 26th February` 9th May and 24th July.


Finding the right home and being at home with your life are the challenges for 2002. You may not be able to move where and when you want and property transactions could be fraught with delays and complications.  Establishing yourself out in the world also represents a challenge for 2002 but as with domestic/property matters you should persist with your ambitions and refuse to take no for an answer. The eclipses of May, June and December could all bring about powerful events on the job and home front, especially if you have 23rd February or a 4th – 8th March birthday. Your biggest rewards are to be found in creative endeavours. An addition to the family, perhaps, a new business, maybe, or a chance to reveal your star quality. Lucky breaks happen to you this year – don’t be too fearful or too concerned about others to let those opportunities go by.

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