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Yearly Forecast - Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 22)
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2002 is a big year, by which I mean there will be major events that alter your view of yourself and the world in which you live. Almost all the eclipses affect your sign so especially if you have a birthday on or near the 4th, 10th or 14th December expect to be shaken and stirred – possibly in the nicest of ways. After the first six months of the year the pressure on you to perform and take on more and more responsibility will dissipate and you should be able to stretch your limbs, both in the metaphorical and literal sense. (There could be a lot more travel on the horizon in 2002.) There are gains and improvements to be made on last year and a business or job started in 2001 could become super-enriching, financially and professionally. Something will have to go too, perhaps a friendship or a link with an organization, but then baggage is one thing the Sagittarian adventurer does not need!

Key Dates

Red light dates: 31st January, 26th February, 17th March, 27th April, 26th May, 10th June, 24th July, 24th August, 21st September, 9th October, 30th November, 4th December

Green light dates: 26th January, 11th February, 29th March, 6th April, 18th May, 3rd June, 5th July, 6th August, 11th September, 26th October, 9th November, 18th December


With Pluto in your sign and Saturn in the partnership zone relationships are hard work to say the least. But once May is out they should gradually become easier to handle and more rewarding. Commitment is a big issue for Sagittarius but especially if you have a 4th – 9th December birthday you are going to have to make some big decisions about a relationship this year. The eclipses of 26th May, 10th June and 4th December will help here because they will produce events that force the issue. For some Sagittarians a powerful and compelling attraction could arise – probably in May – and for others a partner or lover could be the source of concern and certainly the catalyst for learning and growth. You’ll have your opportunities to find love in 2002 but some upheaval is sure to be involved.


Almost all your tribulations are Saturn-Pluto shaped but at least this alignment will start to fade by the end of June. You may already have had to take stock of your life and make adjustments and changes you could not have imagined and for some Archers this passage is all but over. But for others the process of transformation is a-coming in so that you will need to have reserves of the financial and emotional variety and a strong belief in yourself. Keep the motto less is more close at hand because learning to live without certain aspects of life and finding happiness in very different ways is part of the transformational curve. Your triumphs lie in the rewards for efforts made over the years – in some cases this will apply strictly to business and professional life but in others after a long-ish uphill struggle with a relationship, everything is suddenly blossoming.

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