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Yearly Forecast - Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 22)
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By the second half of the year you should be beginning to see your life opening up. You may feel luckier and perhaps because of this shift in your expectations more and more happy events come your way. There is a strong emphasis on travel throughout 2002, most probably work-related, though you will have more fun this year and time for those things that make you feel glad to be alive. (Alignments between the 3rd and 20th July could quite literally change your life.)  Uranus and Neptune are not the most stable of planets to have at the base of your chart and February, April, August and November are all periods when you could face some upheaval on the home or career front. Scorpios born between the 11th and 20th of November are in the front line of change in 2002 and right from the beginning of January your motto should be:  never say never again,

Key Dates

Red light dates: 29th January, 13th February, 9th March, 10th April, 19th May, 9th June, 28th July, 22nd August, 7th September, 14th October, 20th November,15th December

Green light dates: 1st January, 23rd February, 30th March, 6th April, 12th May, 1st June, 20th July, 1st August, 24th September, 27th October, 9th November, 31st December


As the zodiac’s extremist your ability to hit the heights and plumb the depths in affairs of the heart is second to none. And all your extremist tendencies are likely to be brought out by 2002’s stars. Self-discipline, restraint and common sense could all be thrown to the winds due to events in your love life. The most romantic planet of all, Venus, will be in your sign from 7th September – 7th January (2003) so this will not only do wonders for your self-esteem – and your general good fortune – but your powers of attraction will be at their zenith. Add to this a lunar eclipse in the relationship sector (20th November) and life could change dramatically. To a certain extent you have to do little to make events happen in 2002 – fate will do all the work for you – but what you do in response to those events is entirely in your hands.


Saturn’s passage through one of the primary financial areas of your chart (2001-2003) has plus and minus effects. On the minus side, business partnerships could experience a lean time and on the personal front it could seem as though the more you invest the less you get back. This two-year period is one when you learn to be tough with money, yet understanding about other people’s misfortunes – it’s also a time when you should be cautious about large borrowings or purchases. (The lunar eclipse of the 26th May could be particularly relevant here.) Your triumphs will be due to the combined force of Jupiter and Venus. Career success – even fame in some cases – and more than just a sense that if you’re not on your way you have arrived. A dream should be fulfilled in 2002.

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