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Yearly Forecast - Virgo (Aug 24 - Sept 23)
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As a Mutable sign you tend to weigh many factors in the balance before you make a move and sometimes this can prevent you from achieving your desires. Well, this tendency should be fought at all times during the next twelve months because, with commitment, single-mindedness and a degree of ruthlessness you can make the kind of moves that will ensure your long term success and happiness. There will be events that enable you to take the bold steps necessary and, especially if you have a birthday between the 6th and 9th of September, you may well find that you have no choice but to let go a part of your life. March, September, December and particularly late May/June are periods when cross-roads of one sort or another appear. You must have sensed you have a destiny to fulfil and 2002’s stars will help you do so.

Key Dates

Red light dates: 18th January, 26th February, 8th March, 29th April, 26th May, 10th June, 28th July, 24th August, 21st September, 14th October, 30th November, 7th December.

Green light dates: 13th January, 8th February, 1st March, 2nd  April, 12th May, 1st June, 20th July, 3rd August, 25th September, 22nd October, 26th November, 30th December.


Romantic fantasies and passionate liaisons that burn out almost as suddenly as they began are rarely Virgo’s ‘thing’ and now more than ever it seems that you are looking for stability and reciprocity in your relationships. Single Virgos are likely to be attracted to partners of power and influence, and possibly some years older than themselves, while attached Virgos will be urging their partners to be more ambitious and more involved with family life and the deeper layers of relating. In other words, you will expect more from your partners. Thus, if you find yourself looking at your love life and giving it zero out of ten much could change that scenario this year – especially if you fall into the above mentioned birthday category. February is the month to watch for major romantic developments, July and early August are others.


Saturn and Pluto have been putting you through a ring of fire and until 2002 you may have seen little compensation for your trials. The trick is to keep on keeping on because the moment you feel you cannot go any further is the time everything will change. The year’s eclipses will do much to help in this regard – and these fall on 26th May, 19th June and 4th December. Finding the right niche for your talents, getting and keeping a good job are the challenges that face many Virgos; finding the right home, family fulfilment and domestic happiness are the task for others. And eventually you will triumph over those challenges. Jupiter brings good friends into your life and helps you to make a success of business collaborations and for some Virgos a baby will make 2002 a super special year. This is not a year of quick and rapid growth but the progress you make will be lasting.

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