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Me N My GuRLz DoNt GoTa mAKe iT LiKe A hOe---We JuSt SiT BaK 'N' aTtRaCt ThE gUyS LiKe *WHOA*
A KiSs iS a SeCrEt ToLd To ThE LiPs--NoT tHe EaR
GoD MaDe ThE LaNd, GoD mAdE tHe SeA, He NeEdEd SoMeThIn SeXi, So ThEn hE mAdE mE
CrAzY NiTeS - iNsAnE gRo0vEs
bLaZiN cLoThEs - SeXy MoVeS
NeVa FaKe - aLwAyS tRuE
tO aLL mY FRiEnDz - i LoVe UNOW n FOREVER<--
My pErSoNaLiTy nO1 CaN X-pLaIn
Ur hOoKEd oNcE U GeT iN mY GaMe
iMa PrYnCeZ, a AnGeL n eVeN a CuTiE
AlL dEm bOyZ sEy "tHaTs OnE HeLL OF A bOotY"
sO If u ThInK Ur HoTt sHyT, u dONt KnO thE DeAL
Me N mY gIRlZ R dA HuNnIeZ hOo KeEP iT rEaL!
::CaTcH a BrEaTh::
::PiNcH uR wRiSt::
=YeS iTz TrU..I dO ExSiSt=
*i AiNt tHe MaIn EvEnT*
iM dAh WhOLe DaYuM ShOw!
HoW cUd OnE cHiK bE sO aMaZiN?
.*.ThIs Iz Da NaMe U wOnT 4GeT.*.
.*.CuZ iM dA Qt YoU NoE u SwEaT.*.
tO aLL dA hOeZ hOo CaNt CoMpArE...
nO1 SeD LiFe wAs FaIr!
*I cAn MakE yA sTuDdA wHeN u CaLl MaH nAmE*
*CoZ eVeRy FeLLaZ hOoKeD iN tHiS hOtTiEs GaMe*
*iDoLiZeD oR dEsPiSeD*
....EiThEr WaY....
*iM gEtTiN rEcOnIzEd*
f vr cntd th strs t nt
'd c hw mny dys d wt hld tt
LeT tHa hOeS cHaSe uM
cOz iLL jUs RePLaCe uM!
My sTyLe iZ oF a KiNd
eAsY jOcK bUt iMpOSibLe rOcK
iTz jUs iNsAnE frUm HeAd tOe
JuS GoTa UnDaStAnD i GoT Da HoTt AzZ FLoW
...1 ThInG iVe LeArNd In LiFe...
...u DoNt HaVe 2 ChAnGe PeOpLe...
...u JuS hAfTa x-CePt DaT pEoPLe ChAnGe...
WuT dO yOu Do WeN yO hEaRt BeAtZ fO tWo?
ChOoSe Da OnE dAt YoU LoVe?
oR dA oNe DaT LoVeZ yOu?
- No DoUbT My GaMe iZ TyTe -
- GoT ThUGz WaNiN Me DaY & NyTe -
Born 2 b Bytchy
Taught 2 B Frisky
iM sLiM iN dA wAsTe
PrEtTy iN dA fAcE
MaKiN aLL tHe HoTtIeS
WaNt a LiL tAsTe
itS nOt EaSy BeinG mE
BuT iTs FuNnY wAtChinG pEoPlE tRy
oPeN Ur MoUtH,StIcK OuT uR tOuNgE
TaKe a LiL tAsTe aNd LeTs HaVe SuM FuN
WhiLe oThAz bLeNd iN 2 tHe BaCkRoUnD
i pReFeR 2 mAkE a ScEnE
ThErEs 2 TyPeS Of GrEaT pArTieS
ThOsE U NeVa 4get
aNd ThOsE U CaNt EvEn ReMeMbEr
CaLi gYrLz aRe PrEtTy
BoStOn GyRlZ aRe SmArT
BuT iT tAkEz A NeW yOrK GyrL tO wIn A gUyZ hEaRt
PeRFeCtiOn iSn'T An AcCiDeNt...My OnLy CoMpEtiTiOn iS ThE MiRRoR
A GoOd gUrL Is hArD tO FiNd
but A bAd gUrL iS hArd to ReSiSt
i'M nOt SmiLiN At u!
i'M TrYiN nOt 2 LauGh!
X- SeXy LiL ChiC -X
(( TiTe JeAnZ - CuRvY HiPz ))
* BlAcK ThOnG & KiSsAbLe LiPz *
-No ThUg CaN ReSiSt-
.*.BaNgIn sTyLe.*.
.*.sExY sMiLe.*.
.*.MaKiN bOyZ gO BuCkWiLd.*.
GeT iT ToGeThA
.Or FoRgEt iT FoReVa.
*yOu AcTiN LyK i CaNt GeT WhOeVa*
iM SwEeT_PeTiTe_BOuT FiVe FeeT
.Da CuTeSt Sh0rTi YoOz WiLL eVa MeeT.
LoVe iZ LiKe QuiCkSanD
dA DeEpEr u FaLL iN iT ThA HaRdA iT iZ 2 GeT OuT
Ur HuGz N KiSsEz R LiKe ThE StArZ
U LiTe Up mY LiFe wHeN tHiNgZ gEt DaRk
iM DoNe WiT aLL dA sTrEsSiN
iM SiCk Of Da ImPrESiN
iF yOu WaNt It CuM aNd GeT iT
cUz NoW iM dOwN fOr MeSSiN
iM nOt a FLiRt iM jUs MaDd FrIeNdLy
.*TiTe AzZ- HiGh CLaSs- SiCk StYLe- SeXy sMiLe*.
.*jUiCy LiPz- SeXy THiGhS- BaNGiN bOoTy- biG bLu EyEz*.
7 DaIz WiThOuT mE mAkEs OnE wEaK
iM nOt A bAd GiRL iM jUsT a GoOd GiRL
CoRrUpTeD By bAd ThInGs
.iM aDdIcTeD tO jUs a FeW tHiNgS.
.uR sMiLe.uR LaF.uR eYeZ.
.AnD.... UhHh.... YoO.
..Were LoOKiN HoT..
..LoOKiN NiCe..
MaKin tha FeLLaS
*:.LoOk TWiCE.:*
DiCe GaMeS_iCeD ChAiNs
DiS mAmI'z WaY OuTtA YoUr pRiCe RaNgE
i DoNt WaNt DiAmOnDs oR pEaRLz
DoNt TrY tO gIvE mE tHe WoRLd
i JuSt wAnT SoMeOnE tO LoVe Me
AnD CaLL mE ThEiR -BaByGiRL-
AlL u GiRlS SwEaT MaH LoOk
CuZ WaT i GoT iS OfF Da HoOk
CLuBs .. i RoCk ThAt
DiAmOnDz .. i WeAr ThAt
BoYz .. i HiT ThAt
Ma HeArT.. SoRry CaNt ToUcH ThAt
sEXy lil ShOrTii
aS cUTe aS cAn bE
nOt eVEn *jA rULe*
cAn pUt iT oN mE
BaBy i KnO u WaNt mE
sO i SuGgEsT u TaKe a LoTtA sLeEpIn PiLLz
CoZ tHe oNLy WaY iD gEt wIt YaH
iS iN YaH dReAmZ!
iM SwEeT aS HeAvEn HoT aS HeLL
If pAyBaCk iS A ByTcH & ReVeNgE Is sWeEt
tHeN Im the sWeEtEsT BytCh u wiLl eVr mEeT!
i MaY bE bAd bUt At LeAsT iM pErFeCtLy GoOd At iT!
*mY sTyLe'S sO uNiQuE*
*iT's SuMtHiNg u wanna StReSs*
*HoW qUiCkLy i CaN mAkE*
*ThE fYnEsT MeN get uNdReSsEd*
| By DaY | SwEeT HuNi
| By NiTe | PLayBoY BuNi
iM ThA PiMPStReSs of diZ naUghTy NaTioN
PLayiN DeM PiMPz 4 My ReLaXaTioN
MakiN DeM FeeL aLL thoZe sEXy SeNsaTionZ
whiLe TheY BreAtHe My ViBRatioNZ
anD i BeCoMe TheiR inSpiRatiOn
deRe wOnT bE DuPLiCaTiOn
CoZ iM ThA bESt oF thiZ GenERatiOn
-iM 1oO% pUrE jOy-
-JuS LyKe A pAgE oUtTa PlAyBoY-
*iF bEiN SeXi Iz A cRiMe*
*ThEn mE n My CrEw WiLL Be DoiN TiMe*
u SaY u AiN't a HoE
AigHt nO dOuBt
NeXt TiMe u WaNNa SaY DaT
DuN 4GeT 2 WiPe uR MoUtH
sToP CaLLiN dA NuMbAz iN uR MaNs PoCkEtS
mY FoNe iS RiNGiN *-_oFF dA HoOk_-*
||* I'm iRrSsiStiBLe.. NoN cOmPeTibLe *||
||* nOt SaYiN i'M tHe BeSt.. i'M jUsT iNcReDiBLe*||
..BaBy BoY iM dIgGiN YoO..
..CuZ u MakE mE WaNNa dO aLL TheM ThiNgZ..
..i WaS TAuGhT i WaSnT SuPPoSeD 2..
LuCiOuS LiPs N bIg BLuE EyEz
GoRgEoUs HaIr & BaNgIn ThIgHs
BaBy u KnO fRuM dA bOtToM tO dA tOp
tHiS cHiX hOtTnEsS iS * N o N . S t O p *
...SPeaK wEn Ur sPOkEn 2 N OnLy WiT PerMisSioN...
...CuZ wEn *I* tALk bYtCh U BeTtA ListeN...
2 DiFfErEnT GiRLs WiTh SiMiLaR FaCeS
In EaCh OtHeRs HeArTs BuT iN DiFfErEnT pLaCeS
aLwAyZ b A 1sT RaTe VeRsiOn oF uRsELf
InStEaD oF a 2nD RaTe VeRsiOn oF sOmE1 eLsE
DoNt uPsEt mE
iM rUnNiNg OuTtA pLaCeS tO hIdE tHe BoDiEz
OnE gOLdEn RuLe tO LiVe bY aNd kEeP uS giRLs oN tRacK
nEvEr LuV a pLaYa cUz hE'LL nEvEr LuV u BaCk

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