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Hi my nick name is Izzy real name's erin middle's elizabeth thats were I got izzy 2good girl friends leah who goes by jinx and katie who goes by kat and I have accuired many different storys jokes and other cool info in the last 14 years but it can never hurt to have more if you get anny thing that you think I would like plese e-mail it to me and I'll post it.
well I'm in school now and hving a great time I have ausem friends and a great family I want to learn to skate board so if you have tips e-mail me I will have a different surevy each mounth and will post the results I used to horse back ride and I mountian bike surf play gutar drink root bear floats and star bucks coffie religesley and surf kayack so if you know any thing about that e-mail me and I'd like to share some of the stuff I found funny cool weired or any thing that cought my eye so here goes

Las Vacas Flacas or the skinny cows is a shop run by two young designers in which all the cloths and accessories are made fromold stock that has been recycled, chopped upor rearranged-dresses made from ties sewn together, the decor its self is a mish mash of recycled materials sweet check the liks at the bottom for there site
if you people get deilas youve read this but if you don't than here goes
*your life makes sense to every one:)
*now is a good time reassessyour relationship to soft drinks
*it's time to think deriously about sea monkyes
*ignore the path fate has assigned you
*avoid blue food today
*your lucky number is 27,615.03
*the answers to all your questions will be on the raido at 9:37pm
If you like what you just read than your as weird as I am and whom ever thought this had any thing to do with fashion (aka me) is verry weird so go get the febuary deilas and check out the cloths 2
this was e-mailed to me by my dad
*When I'm feeling down, I like to whistle. it makes the neighbor's dog that barks all the time run to the end of his chain and gag himself.
* a penny saved is a government over site
*the easiest may to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.
*If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame.
*living on earth is expencive but it does inclued a free trip around the sun
My Life
we (me and my good friends) had a tea party at lunch and got some prity weird looks but onley 2 negitive comments and the whole popular croud came and sat with us! I asked the princapal if he wanted some tea but he just glared at me and walked off it's not my foult that I'm weird (my parents helped plan the tea party)tell me what you think shouldn't people lighten up? My good fried and I wer resentley assigined a paper5-7 pages by our honors lang teacher while doing spell check for the 10th time(shes dyslexic like me so sorry if I mis spell stuff I also have bad typing skills)she realized that we are called human BEINGS not human BEANS shes onley 1 year yunger that me at 13 prity bad hu
hey I have choosen my fav. olmpic moment yet it sucks that the chineese guy had to be such a bad sport in the short track skating and take every one else down with him but the Aussy skatet who was about to be laped by the zambonie wone the gold I think this is to cool!
I'm going to spain over spring break yo hablo un poco espanole thats spanish for I speek a little spanish I hope to have another sit to post my radd pics when I come back!
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girls that surf sk8 or play other X sports, cool or not? e-mail me with your thoughts! click on the very anoying rotatinr at sign at the bottom of the page

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