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We are living out side our native home since last 150 years.
we are part & partners in the development of the country.
All railway lines & bridgers are made by kutchhis since 1875 & in Jharia Coalfied They stated Coal mines in 1885. The society is known as Sri Gurjjar Kshatriya samaj eastablised in Jharia.
We have three major Bodies which are as follow,-
Shri Kutchh Guajar Kshatrita Samaj (k.g.k.s)Mahasabha eastablished in 1972 at Raipur.
Shri All India Sri K.G. K.Samaj yuva Mahamandal estd in 1974 at Dhanbad
Sri All India K.G.K.samaj Mahila Mandal.

The society is a pioneer in Group marrigges started from 1974 from Dhanbad by Shri Hirji Khimji Chauhan of Ratnagiri the First President & founder Of K.G.K.Samaj Mahasabha and being organised three times a year, Basant Panchami, Akhchhay tritiya & Sarad Purnima all over the country, We have about 127 branches in India.
Like our society other many society in Gujarati eastablished out side Gujarat & maintains their culture by organising Garbi, Dandia Rass & other religios is no dowry in the society.

Please visit sites of vishwa gujarati samaj for more information about gujarat & gujarati people residing all over world.

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