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Few jobs through employment exchanges Wednesday, December 12, 2001

RAJKOT: Just 18 per cent of the educated unemployed registered with the employment exchanges in eight districts of Saurashtra and Kutch are fortunate to get a job through these exchanges.

The number comes to around 17,009, which is very meagre particularly when the total number of educated unemployed registered with these exchanges as well as the University Employment Bureaus (UEBs) at Rajkot and Bhavnagar is nearly three lakh. Rajkot district tops in this field with 69,000 educated employed while Junagadh is second with 50,613 as on March 31, 2001.

Surprisingly, those having higher qualifications were less fortunate than those with lesser qualifications. This could be seen from the fact that only 57 postgraduates out of 7,178 registered with the employment exchanges could get jobs. Similarly, only 37 postgraduates could get the jobs out of 1,357 recommendations made for 101 posts by the UEBs of the Saurashtra University. And, only 20 postgraduates could get jobs in Bhavnagar against 215 recommendations made by the Bhavnagar University.

The number of postgraduate unemployed registered with the UEB of Saurashtra University during 2000-2001 were 1,403, taking the total on the register to 4,646. And, the number of postgraduates registered with the UEB of Bhavnagar University during the year were 677, taking the total to 2,532.

According to official sources, the total number of new educated unemployed registered with these eight exchanges, and the UEBs of Saurashtra and Bhavnagar Universities stood at 82,216 as on March 31, 2001. With this new registration, the total number of educated unemployed stood at 2,86,411 in this region.

In Rajkot district, highest number of new registrations (20,062) took place taking the total number of educated unemployed to 67,206 as on March 31, 2001. During the six-month period of the current year till September, 2001, an additional 5,310 educated unemployed were registered.

In the last one-and-half year period, till September 30, 2001, a total of 4,431 educated unemployed could get jobs against 27,313 recommendations made by the exchanges. This works out to be around 16 per cent.

However, the picture in Junagadh district presents a sharp contrast as more people got jobs comparatively. The number of people who got jobs was 3,118 as against 4,445 recommendations for 4,09l posts. The number of new registrations of educated unemployed in Junagadh last year was 12,087, taking the total to 50,6l3.

The lowest registrations of educated unemployed was in Porbander district, which accounted for only 3,143 taking the total registration to 12,230 at the end of the year. The employment exchange of this district recommended 1,716 candidates for 431 posts, but only 363 could mange to get jobs.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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