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Rajkotians see Pak hand in attack Friday, December 14, 2001

RAJKOT: The terrorist attack on Parliament came as a bolt from the blue to people of the city who, cutting across political affiliations called for retaliation in one voice.

"If the terrorists could strike at the Pentagon, then Parliament House must have been an easy target," remarked Pravin Shah, a manufacturer of plastic products. "We cannot ignore it and have to be on guard."

Rashmi Shethia, a housewife, said, "It is high time the Vajpayee government attacked Pakistan and wiped out the terrorist camps there. If George Bush can punish Afghanistan, why can't Vajpayee do the same to Pakistan?"

A fruit vendor, who had a copy of an eveninger in hand, said the terrorists must be wiped out without wasting any more time. "If these terrorists are alive they will make the life of common man a hell. The earlier they are eliminated, the better it will be for society."

Former MP and presently president of the Rajkot district congress, Manoharsinh Jadeja, asked, "If Parliament can be attacked, what about the safety of the common man?"

President of the Gujarat Youth Congress minority cell, Ilyas Khan Pathan said, "The attack on Parliament House is a challenge before the country. It is an insult to the nation. A united fight must be launched to finish off such divisive forces."

According to chairman of the programme implementation committee, Vijay Rupani, "India has suffered a lot by way of terrorist attacks and now that they have attacked the temple of democracy, it is time to teach them a lesson. India should act in the same, firm manner as the United States has done. If the US went after Bin Laden, it is time India targeted these terrorist organisations, wherever they are."

Remarked BJP spokesman Raju Dhruv, "This is a definite act by Pakistan which is feeling insecure by the hand of friendship India has extended to Afghanistan. It is for this reason that the Congress and other Opposition parties should have backed the Poto Bill and allowed it to be passed by Parliament."

Observed former Congress MP Ramjibhai Mavani, "It is the saddest day in Indian democracy. It is high time people of the country unitedly fought terrorism."

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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