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Beware! Traffic police is buying Doppler radars Saturday, December 15, 2001

VADODARA: Driving at top speed may no longer be fun on city roads. The traffic police will soon deploy Doppler radars to detect overspeeding.

They would be initially set up at three spots. The radars, officers said, not only detect the speed, but also note the registration numbers.

Statistics suggest that rash and negligent driving causes 82 per cent of accidents. "The culprits often get away as there is no way to find out how fast they were driving. Also, they may flee the mishap site", said assistant commissioner of police (traffic) Siddharth Khatri. The radars could solve both these problems.

The acquisition is a part of the drive to modernise the traffic police and the shopping list includes breath analysers. Ten such analysers would be needed here.

Anyone suspected to be in a drunken state would be asked to blow inside a hose of the analyser. It detects the presence of alcohol in the person's breath. "While this method may not be precise as to the amount of alcohol consumed, it gives an officer an idea as to whether he has consumed alcohol or not. The accused is then taken for collection of blood samples and other formalities," Khatri said.

The department would buy 50 wireless walkie-talkie sets for officers who now make do with 12 such sets. The equipment would enable the policemen at all traffic points to be in contact with one another. If a person escapes from a point, the information is relayed to the next traffic point. Thus drivers would realise they just cannot escape after flouting the rule.

Various purchases have become possible as the state government has allowed the traffic police to keep 50 per cent of the amount it collected as traffic fine. The Vadodara traffic police is eligible to get Rs 1.5 crore under the scheme.

The present purchases will be made from the first instalment of Rs 89 lakh allocated to it. The proposal had been sent for approval. "The correspondence is at its final stage and the equipment will be bought in a couple of months," he said.

News Source : The Times of India [India's best Newspaper]

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