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Gujarat > Travelling with the Spirits of Royalty : THE ROYAL ORIENT
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India. A bewildering country. A surreal symphony of a thousand different cultures. Inhabited by more than 800 million gentle people... who speak more than one thousand languages and dialects... one of the world's oldest civilizations... and home to some of its most valorous dynasties. Their rise to glory and fall from grace...
We welcome you to an enchanted journey through Indian history. A journey through two of India's most bewitching states.

Gujarat and Rajasthan-states rich with dynastic and cultural history. The region that has seen some of the most ferocious battles and courages kings in Indian history. For students of life, two universities of the past. And for traveller, a close encounter with the oriental mystique. And the journey itself is on a carriage from the past, to make your experience memorable throughout life. An experience on The Royal Orient - the world's most extraordinary experience on rails.

The Royal Orient Express recaptures for you the resplendence of the days of Kings & Queens replicates their safaris and royal visits to neighbouring kingdoms. As a tourist you will experience the mystic cultures of one of world's oldest civilizations, its colourful customs, its bounteous nature, its enduring legends, its mysteries.-.and its spirits.

Luxuries of the present ethos of the past

The Royal Orient Express offers you seven days of historic grandeur and regal self-indulgence with numerous sybaritic luxuries of the court recreated in the saloons. The decor tinged with gold dust and an overpowering sense of antiquity, the beauteous elements of traditional arts and crafts, the embroidered elaboration of the curtains, the picturesque carpets, the delicate crockery, and the liveried attendants specially trained to offer you royal service once enjoyed by Kings and Queens... all combine to recreate the past for you. So that, for seven glorious days, you will be Kings and Queens. However, human nature is such that while one might like to feel like a King, one would also like to dine on one's own favourite dishes and desserts, and drink one's favourite cocktail. That's why The Royal Orient Express offers an array of continental. Western and Indian ethnic cuisines for you to choose from, at its quaintly decored restaurant. Its bar, aptly named The Watering Hole', is well-stacked with all known brands of liquor, and the in-house library stocks the latest in fiction and non-fiction.

The Royal Orient Express - The world's most exquisite rail carriage

The Royal Orient Express (TRO) is a luxurious, air-conditioned rail carriage designed for medium and high budget tourists. TRO is a seven day package tour to take a tourist through two of India's dreams -capes of history- Gujarat & Rajasthan.

The Royal Orient has fourteen air-conditioned and splendidly decorated saloons, and two dining cars. Each saloon has a lounge, a kitchenette and four cabins. There is a well equipped toilet with hot and cold baths between two cabins. Each cabin or coupe can accommodate three passengers. Generally two passengers are accommodated in each coupe. There are two attendants on call for each saloon. And there's a lot more. There is an emergency first aid kit on board. Doctor is available on call at the nearest station. 

The train manager arranges for emergency or otherwise communication requirements through phone or fax. The train manager is accessible on telecom at any hour of the day. The lounge to be used for sitting and recreation is fitted with TV & VCR. Each cabin has music channel speakers. On demand one can listen to the music of his/her choice through these channel speakers.

TRO has two restaurants which serve a mix of traditional Gujarati, Indian, Chinese and continental food. Breakfast is served in the lounge or in the cabin

itself. The snacks on the menu can be ordered at any hour of the day in the cabin. The kitchenette is nothing but a modern pantry to take care of the passenger's needs for vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks and hot & cold beverages.

The Watering Hole' is stocked with finest of Scotch and Indian malt whiskies and liquors, wines, rum, and vodkas. Beer is also served in the bar which can be ordered in the coupe or in restaurant.

Each saloon is named either after a lost dynasty or after a historical creation of man or nature. Your guide on the train will be able to tell you the interesting stories behind the names of these saloons.

The facilities on board match any three or five star hotel in the international circuit. The train starts from Delhi and goes through all the important places of Gujarat & Rajasthan in seven days and ends its journey in Delhi. It covers Jaipur, Udaipur and Chittaurgarh in Rajasthan, and Junagadh, Veraval (Somnath), Sasan Gir, Ahmedpur Mandvi, Diu, Palitana & Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

The journey starts on every Wednesday afternoon and ends on next Wednesday morning. The train is functional between September to April every year. There is no tour in the months of May, June, July and August due to summers and rains.

Travel Tips (General):

Winter Clothing (from October to February):

A Thick Sweater, a shawl and a scarf or muffler.

Summer Clothing (March and April)

Loose fitting Cottons.

Carry Along:

  • Sufficient Film Rolls (freely available only in

Palitana, Ahmedabad and Jaipur.

  • Caps to deal with the oppressive heat.
  • Sunburn Lotion
  • Walking Shoes
  • Mosquito repellents


Tariff Structure
2 Berth Cabin October to March April to September
Single occupancy US$ 350 per day US$ 263 per day
Sharing US$ 200 per day US$ 150 per day
3 Berth Cabin October to March April to September
Sharing US$ 175 per day US$ 132 per day

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