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Jamnagar Tourist Places
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Lakhota Palace
This diminutive palace once belonged to the Maharaja of Nawanagar. Today it houses a small museum with displays from archaeological sites in the area. The museum is reached by a short causeway from the northern side of Ranmal Lake, and is open daily except Wednesday from 10.30 am to 1 pm and 3 to 5.30 pm there's a small entry fee.

Bala Hanuman Temple
The Bala Hanuman Temple is on the southeastern side of Ranmal Lake, and here, 24 hours a day since 1 August 1964, there's been continuous chanting of the invocation Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram'. This devotion has earned the temple a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Early evening is a particularly good time to visit as it's fairly animated then. In fact this whole area on the southeastern edge of the lake becomes very lively around sunset when people come to promenade, and the usual chai and kulfi stalls set up and ply their trade.

Cremation Park
You don't require a morbid disposition to visit Jamnagar's cremation park, 10 minutes north of the city centre by auto-rickshaw. There are statues of saints and deities, as well as scenes from the Ramayana. This is an interesting place to visit, and the atmosphere is anything but depressing.

Marine National Park (More Info)
At a distance of 30 kms. from Jamnagar in the Gulf of Kachchh, is the country's first Marine National Park covering 42 islands with an area of 150 sq.kms. and coastal zone of 309 sq.kms., totalling 458 sq.kms. of extremely rich area of marine biodiversity. The importance of the region had come to light with the survey by Mr. Harnell in 1905. Assigned to survey the
Okhamandal coast he had noted that never before had he seen such a rich marine biota in so confined a place.Of the three Marine National Parks of India (the other two being Gulf of Mannar and Andaman Nicobar Islands), the Gulf of Kuchh has a unique ecosystem which supports thousands of species a marine iota.Here are seven species of mangroves, several species of herbs, grosses and shrubs along with 120 species of algae in the area. Many species of sponges, corals, fish, crabs, reptiles and birds have been recorded. The chief attraction of the park are colourful sponges and corals, giant sea anemone, 'elly fish, sea horse, octopus, oyster, pearl oyster, Portuguese man of the war, starfish, bonellia, sepia, lobster and dolphin. Of the 42 islands, visitors are permitted access to Pirotan Island.

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