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Festivals of Gujarat

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Nine day festivity, dandia and garba dance competitions

Janmashtami at Dwarka

Dwarka, the city of gold. Dwarka, the abode of Shri Krishna.

International Kite Festival

Kite enthusuast from all over the world participate


Kutch Mahotsava

Tribals get together

The Sun Temple (Modhera and the Dance Festival

Dangs Darbar

Week long fetivities of tribal dances

Bhadra Purnima

Shamlaji Melo (Kartik Purnima Fair)

Three week long Vaishnava fair

Trinetreshwer Mahadev Fair (

The colourful event, husvand hunt festival of tribals

Vautha Mela

Pilgrim light small lamps, cattle fairs

The Bhavnath Mahadev Fair

Folk music and Bhajans

List of other fairs

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