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Vautha Mela, the Grand Fair at Vautha
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A magnificent fair is held every year at Vautha, where two rivers, the Sabarmati and the Vatrak, meet. The village of Vautha is small and has only 2000 inhabitants. Yet when this celebrated fair is on, the number of visitors may increase to an incredible 200,000. It is, in fact considered one of the largest of such fairs in Gujarat.

Like most fair sites in India, this also has both pnythological and current religious associations. 

The Vautha Mela site is 3 square miles in area. Legends hold that Kartik Swami or Kartikeya, In the new temporary township at the fair site, visitors have a choice or several pastimes to indulge in. However what is significant is that this is the only major animal trading fair in Gujarat, and certainly on a par with the famous camel fair at Pushkar in Rajasthan. Here, however, the animals traded are donkeys. About 4000 donkeys are brought every year for sale, usually by Vanjara traders.

Excursion :
The largest town is of course Ahmedabad, which is only 50 kms away, but Dholka 26 kms away, is the nearest railway station. From Dholka, one may travel by State Transoport bus to the site. During the fair, special buses ply between Vautha and other towns nearby.

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