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Gujarat Cuisine

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Gujarat Cuisine


-- Cuisine 

The varied Gujarati cuisine is a tasters delight. Sea food along the coastal regions or rustic 'rotla and sag' of the hardy Rann dwellers of Kuchh largely complements the terrain and lifestyles of its people. The vegetarian delicacies of Gujarat hold a unique position among the Indian cuisine. A Gujarati 'thali' offers endless variety of savory vegetables, lentils. fried snack, sweet meats, etc., accompanied with butter milk, yogurts and nuts. So varied and palate pleasing is the choice that one turns vegetarian willingly.
Some of the common dishes are - the Dhokla a steamed cake made of gram flour paste is very popular; Doodha Pak, a milk confection; Sev-Ganthia, a variety of spicy snacks; Kadhi, a curry made of yogurt; Undhyo, a winter delicacy cooked in earthen pots; Srikhand, a yogurt dessert flavored with saffron, nuts, and fruits; and Suter Pheni, fine vermicelli cooked in sweet rounds
The menu list of Gujarati cuisine is unending and mouth watering.

Check few Gujarati recipies.



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