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  • Folk Arts


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Youths getting ready for the Dandia Raas.


Women folks celeberation at Dwarka

Folk Arts

-- Gujarat Folk Arts

Gujarat is well known for its graceful dances and rhythmic music. The dances have legendary origin and trace their origin to the Puranic times of Lord Krishna

Dandia Raas
It is very simple dance and is performed by a group who move in circles to measure steps, marking time by sticks called dandia. The dances are accompanied by rhythmic music and singing. It is known as Garbi in Saurashtra in which only males participate. Rasa Nritya is performed in several variations and formations like Chokdi, Swastik etc.

Mer Rasa
Mers are a virile community in Saurashtra known for their Rasa called Mer Rasa.

Gof Gunthan
Gof Gunthan, popularly known as Athanga Nritya is a very intricate and entertaining variations of Dandia Raas. Every player holds a stick in one hand and a colored string in the other.

Garba Dance
It is circular form of dance performed by ladies on festive occasions. The ladies place a pot with the lamp on their heads and move in circles, singing in time measures by clapping hands in accompaniment of folk instruments.

Tippani Dance
It is performed by the women folk of Chorwad. It represents their community activities. Women laborers engaged in house construction beat the floor for a glossy surface with a long sticks called as tippan.

Folk Instruments
Aero phonic : Pavo, Shenai and Murli
Memberanophonic : Damru, Tabla, Nagara, Pot Drum etc
Cardophonic : Ektaro, Tamburo, Ravan Haththo and Jantar.
Autophonic : khartals,Cymbals etc.


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