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The Old Word > Surkotda.

Around 2300 BC, the Harappans came to Surkotada and built a fortified citadel and residential annexe, made of mud brick, mud lumps and rubble containing houses with bathrooms and drains. They had painted pottery with Indus alphabet painted on the pots, chert blades and copper objects, a typical Harappa seal has also been found. Other interesting finds are clay linga like objects evidently of cult significance.

A piece of charred rope adds to the variety of the finds. Bones of the Equus from the earliest levels are the other important discovery in that they show the animal was known to the Harappans. Some important finds are a typical Harappan terracotta seal, a heavy copper chisel, a hoard of copper beads and bangles and terracotta toys,tanks and beads besides animal skeletal remains of the horse, camel, elephant and sheep. The Harappans buried the bones of their dead in small oval pits and put jars and dishes on a stand probably for keeping food etc. and covered it with a huge slab. This practice is unprecedented in the Harappan burial tradition.

The excavations have revealed that the Harappans lived here along with an antecedent culture with all their typical modes of habitation and cultural assemblage and continued even after the mature phase was over.

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