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Wildlife Of Gujarat
A Land Of Rare Diversities
Gir National Park (Gir)
Marine National Park (Jamnagar)
Wild Ass Sanctuary (Dhranghadra)
Black Buck National Park (Bhavnagar)
Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary (Ghandhinagar)
Narayan Sarovar Chinkara Sanctuary (Kutch)
Jessore Solth bear Sanctuary (Palanpur)
Ratanmahal Sloth bear Sanctuary (Panchmahals)
Vansda National Park (Vansda)
Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary (Rajpipla)
Thol Wildlife Sanctuary (Porbandar)
Porbandar Bird Sanctuary (Porbandar)
Distance & Excursions from Wildlife Sanctuary
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A Land Of Rare Diversity.

Gujarat is a unique state that has many kinds of habitats. These varied land forms include the famous dry deciduous forests like the Gir, majestic grasslands like those found at velavadar, vast landscapes harbouring rare animals in habitats like the Little Rann of Kutch, wetland habitats such as the Nalsarovar, marine ecosystems such as those found near the Pirotan Islands and the rich moist decidouos forests like those found in the dense forests of tha Dangs. One of the most threatened birds, the great Indian bustard finds a refuge in certain pockets of protected areas. The world’s only four-horned antelope, the chowsingha is found here in healthy numbers. One of the largest herds of blackbucks grace the grasslands of Velavadar and till recently Gujarat was the place where flamingos nested in huge numbers. Dugong, a marine mammal which resembles a seal, along with the rare boralia species have found home in the protected areas of the Marine National Park.

rare_diver1.jpg (9943 bytes)
The wildlife is not restricted to National Parks and Sanctuaries alone. Variety of both resident and migratory birds frequent ponds, lakes and river sides just outside any town and city. Nilgai, jackals, saras cranes and peacocks, along with scores of garden and woodland birds frequent the parks, gardens and the countryside…….a sure sign that wildlife here is not hunted and persecuted ……but revered and protected.

Gujarat has declared many of its rich and varied habitats as National Parks and Sanctuaries towards the conservation of the species and for the enjoyment of the visitors who want to make these beautiful places their tourist destinations.

Beautiful habitat such as this waterfall is not a rarity, but are there for the interested tourists to discover in all our National Parks and Sanctuaries.

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